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Gardening How-To

Colorful Tropical Foliage Plants – Croton Plants And Caladium Plants

I hope you're already enjoying your Croton and Caladium plants. If not, give them a try and brighten up your plant stand indoors or add that needed color to your outdoor garden.

How to Propagate Your Succulents and Cacti Plants By Rooting Leaf or Stem Cuttings

Succulents are perfect plants for drought tolerant gardens or containers and are easy to root and grow. Learn how easy it is to propagate succulent plants, it's a great way to expand your plant collection and it's free!

How to Grow Tropical Plants Even if You Don’t Live in The Tropics

Many tropical plants will grow with the right care and conditions in areas that normally would not permit them.

Herbs & Roots for Prosperity

Plants of all kinds (including trees), herbs and roots have been used for centuries to draw money to a person or bring prosperity to a home.

No-Dig Gardening

Any suitable area can be used to house a no-dig grow bed as long as there is enough sun, access to organic material and clean water is available – you can even build a no-dig edible garden on top of flat concrete if that’s the only space you have available.

Companion Planting for Organic Vegetable & Herb Gardens

Every successful garden needs plants that attract the predators of pests - humans included:).

Companion Planting – How to Grow More Vegetables The Lazy Way

What's the truth about companion planting? Myth, rumour and 'old wives' tales' abound. But a clue can be found in India and adjacent lands where Ayurvedic gardening goes back many thousands of years - and it's based on companion planting.

Building Your No-Dig Garden Bed

This method of vegetable gardening is what I prefer. As you might have guessed, it doesn't involve digging. This method is particularly suited to...

Alternative Food

There are quite literally thousands of species of edible plants that can be grown, yet most people are only aware of the thirty or so species to be found in the grocers, and many of these will have been imported. In this section we will give you a small selection of little known edible plants.

Stretching The Gardening Season

If the idea of extending your growing season has sparked some interest in winter gardening, don't forget that there are a number of crops well suited to winter gardening.

Growing Catnip for Your Cat

The vast majority of cats go crazy for the catnip. Moreover, they particularly enjoy fresh catnip. So, why not try growing your own? It is simple and your cat will be very grateful.

Troubleshooting One-Cylinder Engines

Living on a farm, homestead, or just a small country estate, we often find much of the repair work falls on us. Home repairs, appliances, and oh Lord, that ever-present one-cylinder engine.
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