April Gardening

April in The Flower Garden

Even in the smallest garden, April is the month when the growing season really begins to gather pace.
Jobs to Do in The Garden During April

Jobs to Do in The Garden During April

Here is a list of jobs you should be getting on with in your garden during April.
Get your Garden Shed Ready for Spring

Get Your Garden Shed Ready for Spring

Tips on how to you get your garden shed Spring-ready.

Make a Cold Frame for Winter Gardening

A cold frame is an enclosed framework that allows you to grow garden crops in winter. The cold frame can be a simple three- or four-sided structure build of scrap wooden boards or concrete...
May Gardening

Plants for May

Summer is finally on its way and the garden is beginning to burst with colour. Here are just a few of the plants you might like to choose to make your garden really stand...

Planting Lavender is an Easy Spring Garden Project

Planting lavender is a great way to start off the spring gardening season. A little effort now will pay off for years to come as this low maintenance perennial yields its aromatic and useful...