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Living Off The Land

Dandelions: A Good Friend in Time of Need

A healthy food item as well as a prized pick-me-up, Dandelions are actually edible from the root, to the leaves and the flowers.

Flowers and Cuisines

Many cuisines, including our own, incorporate flowers as a matter of course.

Eating Wild – Spruce Bud Tips

Spruce tips can be made into an acceptable, if not delicious tea, with nothing more than some sweetener. The bitter citrus taste takes on the flavor of a green tea with a slight grapefruit aftertaste.

Chicory – A Healthy Coffee Substitute

The chicory coffee recipe can be easily prepared and it includes some important steps to be followed.

Live on What You Produce

While you endure these cold winter months why not plan for a really great garden next spring. Maybe even one that could provide some income in addition to the food you eat yourselves!
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