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How to Make a Scrambled Egg

Scrambled Eggs is a classic breakfast staple. It also said to be the busy cook’s best friend and that why many people would want to know how to make a scrambled egg. Surprisingly Great Cook thinks that scrambled egg is very difficult to master. Scrambled egg is very easy, quick and affordable nutritious food over mealtime. They are very healthy and delicious. Other never realized the many uses of eggs but cooking it makes egg truly versatile food like scrambled egg.

More Info On How To Make A Scrambled Egg

Best thing about cooking scrambled eggs is you can play with variations of recipes. You can try adding a different flavor or taste to have a unique scrambled egg recipe. Vegetables can be added like onion and garlic. You can even top scrambled egg with a sauce to have it elegantly plated. Many people enjoy having scrambled eggs for breakfast and also for dinner. So the next time you try showing someone how to make a scrambled egg here are the things to take note.

Preparation On How To Make A Scrambled Egg Recipe 1

A very popular dish that many requested online when it comes to learning how to make a scrambled egg. Before you start cooking, prepare all the ingredients needed for your Scrambled Egg. First scramble the eggs, butter or cooking oil, seasonings are optional (salt and pepper). Here are a few short, easy steps to make healthy and delicious Scrambled Eggs. Ready everything you need to make the scrambled egg, such as a frying pan, eggs, a large cup, a fork, butter, water (about 1 tsp. per egg) and a towel. As what you’ve read on top adding salt and pepper are optional. It depends on your taste buds.

Preparation On How To Make A Scrambled Egg Recipe 2

Break the eggs into a large container. You will need a cup to help prevent spillage or leakage. After you break the egg make sure to throw the egg shells in the trash can. Make sure also that there is no egg shell in your scrambled egg. Beat the eggs with a fork or a whisk thoroughly. Make sure the yolks are well beaten, because if not, you will have yolk balls or pieces in your scrambled egg. Add water to help the eggs fluff up when they are in the frying pan and that’s how to make a scrambled egg delicious!

Preparation On How To Make A Scrambled Egg Recipe 3

Heat the frying pan on a high flame and add the butter so that it will melt. Many people do not like to use butter on non-stick pans, but the butter will give the scrambled egg some extra flavor. Pour the beaten eggs into the hot frying pan. Move the egg mixture around constantly. Set the flame high, so you want to continuously move the eggs to keep them scrambled. Do this until the eggs fluff up nicely, which takes about 5 minutes. With this recipe anyone who asks you on how to make a scrambled egg, you can share this great recipe with them.
Enjoy your fresh and hot scrambled eggs and hope you have managed to learn how to make a scrambled egg.

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