How to Make a Simple Bookmark in Cross Stitch


    Bookmarks are a very useful item to have and very easy to make. If you have finished a large project which seemed to take forever to complete and not ready to begin another. Then making a bookmark is a stop gap between projects.

    So what do you need to make a bookmark?


    Left over aida from a larger project



    Fabric of a similar weight to your stitched item. (optional)

    The width of the bookmark will probably be dictated by the aida you have available. The length will be personal choice.

    Once you have completed the design then it is time to make it into the bookmark.

    First the edges need to be frayed. For the two sides of the bookmark pull the vertical threads one or two blocks of the aida. There will be horizontal threads left at the sides.

    Repeat the same taking the horizontal threads from the top and the bottom of the bookmark. This time you are left with the vertical threads.

    The threads need to be pulled individually.

    When pulling the threads out be careful not to go too near the design.

    At this stage you may be happy to use the item as a bookmark especially if the reverse of the work is neat and tidy and there are no unsightly loose ends.

    If you are not satisfied with the reverse or want it to look more finished take a fabric of a contrasting colour and similar weight to the aida and cut to the size of the bookmark.

    The size means within the solid fabric leave the tassels as decoration. Then with fabric glue attach the material to the bookmark.

    There you have one method of making a bookmark.


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