Looking for an inexpensive Easter Craft idea for your next project? This craft project costs less than .75 cents per refrigerator magnet and takes less than 20 minutes to make.

Great Project for: Sunday School, Vocational Bible School, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, School Craft Projects, Birthday Parties, and Easter Parties.

Appropriate Age Group: 4 and up

Materials Needed:

Patterns: Easter Egg, Easter Bunny Head, Chick, Cross, Basket
*note* A great source for patterns are preschool aged coloring books

Child Safety Scissors
All Purpose White Tacky Glue
Wiggle Eyes
Foam Sheets: White, Yellow, Tan, Pink, Light Brown, Blue, etc
Miscellaneous: beads, buttons, sequins, yellow feathers

For the purpose of this project, we will assume that you are using Easter Patterns cut from a childs coloring book in the following shapes: Easter Egg, Bunny Head, Chick, Cross and Easter Basket.

To turn the coloring page into a pattern: Cut out the pattern by cutting just outside the patterns shape.

Place the paper shape from the coloring book on the reverse side and place it onto a piece of foam and trace around it. Using safety scissors, cut out the pattern from the foam sheet by cutting on the traced line.

Now its time to decorate your shapes using markers, beads, buttons and sequins.


Easter Eggs: glue on beads, buttons and sequins in pretty wavy patterns. If you are working with older children, you can coat your foam egg with white crafters glue and let them sprinkle on colored glitter which also makes for a pretty magnet.

Easter Chick: glue on wiggle eyes and yellow feathers. Using a black marker draw on a nose and a mouth.

Easter Bunny Head: Using markers color in pink ears and a pink nose. Using a black marker add on wiskers and a mouth. Glue on wiggle eyes.

Cross: You can decorate them however you choose or have the children write a bible quote onto them using markers

Basket: Have the children draw designs onto their baskets. They can cut out small oval shapes in pastel colors and glue them onto the front of their baskets to make Easter baskets.

After you are done decorating all your magnets, flip them over and glue a 2 inch piece of magnet on the back and let dry for approximately 20 minutes.

Now you are all done! Super easy to do and they work up quickly. A great inexpensive craft project for kids!

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