You can astonish your friends and new neighbors with the delightful and relaxing hobby of making and learning how to make paper flower crafts.

My six year old niece, my brother in law, and my sister were relocated last summer to my town. They stayed with my wife and I until they found a suitable home for themselves. In the meantime my little niece began withdrawing and displayed a melancholy demeanor. We recognized that she needed to make a few friends to become comfortable and familiar with her new environment because she was feeling lonely and like a stranger in this new environment.

She took an interest in my paper flower crafts hobby and this cheered her up and made her forget about her problems to a degree. Since there were a couple of kids around her age on my street I decided to speak with their parents and invite them over to meet my niece.

Making paper flower craft projects got them all to become very friendly with each other. My niece has now settled in to her new environment thanks to the comradery that our paper flower crafts introduced.

The following is our first project…

The supplies that are needed for this project can be picked up at the local hobby or art store. First, you need some colored sheets of cardboard paper and some crepe paper (tissue paper). Next, you will need to purchase some glue and colored markers if you don’t already have them at home. Also, two pairs of scissors (one large and one small pair) which you can find at any store. The last thing is a challenging, creative imagination that is willing to think up and create ideas. There are no previous skills needed to create a paper flower craft and almost any image you think up can be created in a short period of time.

Everything from three dimensional paper flower crafts that are placed anywhere and everywhere in viewing sight to single sheet cardboard cut-outs of flowers that are used for the trimming inside the house can be made with this hobby.

The young child’s hand is one of my favorite paper flower craft patterns.

1. Trace the child’s hand on to a piece of cardboard.
2. Cut the tracing if their hand from the paper.
3. With a pencil, curl the fingers.
4. Use the palm of the hand and make a cone (fingers should point outward).
5. Attach the flower to a straw, or something like that, using some glue.
6. Cut some shapes of leaves out of the green construction paper and then glue them to spots on the straw. Repeat this process as many times as desired to create a lovely bouquet of beautiful paper craft flowers.

There are no other hobbies that I know of that are so much fun and inexpensive to do that anybody can do at any age. Paper flower crafts are very relaxing and habit-forming ways that people can use to express their artistic creativity to their friends, or just to meet new people. People will comment on certain crafts that you have created and this will give you a feeling of gratitude and accomplishment. If your looking for a relaxing hobby or just a way to meet your new neighbor, making paper flower crafts is an excellent way to do that.


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