Here’s a simple and useful project — a simple, easy apron. You’ll use just one yard of fabric cut into four pieces — actually, you don’t even have to “cut” the fabric, you can just tear the fabric into the proper sized strips! Fabric choices would be any broadcloth or patterned cotton — something easy, cheap, and WASHABLE (it is an apron, after all!)

Begin with a piece of fabric 1 yard long by whatever length it comes in — most probably 44 inches. We’ll use the selvedge sides as the sides of the apron — that way we don’t have to finish the seams!

Next, cut a strip 2 inches by 44 inches — the width of the fabric. That was easy enough — so do it again. Now, cut a last strip 11 inches by 44 inches.

The results are 4 pieces of fabric — two pieces 2 inches by 44 inches, one piece 11 inches by 44 inches, and one piece 21 inches by 44 inches. We’ll make a drawstring from the two 2 inch pieces, a large pocket with the 11 inch piece, and the body of the apron with the 21 inch piece. (Note: You can follow step-by-step photo directions at the link in the resource box.)

First, we’ll make a casing for the drawstring. On the 21 inch piece, fold over and press down about 1/4 inch from the top of the apron towards the wrong-side. Next, fold another 2 inches at this folded edge, again towards the wrong side. Sew a straight stitch along the bottom of this fold. Do not sew the edges — this is where we’ll insert the drawstring!

Now we’ll do the pocket portion. Match the 11 inch piece to the bottom of the 21 inch piece — match right sides together. Sew a straight stitch along the bottom of the piece. Turn rightside out, match the sides of the pieces and sew a straight stitch along the sides. You now have a 44 inch wide pocket along the bottom of the apron — you may want to sew some straight stitches up this wide pocket to divide it into sections.

Almost done — join the edges of the two 2 by 44 pieces and sew together — making a single piece 2 inches by about 88 inches. Fold in half along this 88 inch width (right side together) and sew a seam along the edge to make a long tube. Turn the tube rightside out. Now, tuck in the raw edges on each end of the tube; sew the edges closed. Insert the tube into the casing at the top of the aprong — and you’re done!

A 21 inch deep apron easily reaches from the waist to below the knees — but you can make it deeper if you wish. Just begin with a fabric piece longer than one yard.


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