Have you ever looked through those boxes of Christmas ornaments of yours either before or after Christmas, and wondered how in the world you might be able to add some sparkle to them, yet still keep it traditional with your Christmas theme? Taking a few of your plain ornaments every new Holiday season and adorning them with easy to find scrapbooking items to make personalized Christmas ornaments will add some new life to your selection in a custom way, and leave your guests thinking that you spent a fortune on your ornaments.

For this project we decided to just use a large plastic satin finished ornament. As was previously mentioned, you can also look through your existing collection and find some of your plain solid color ornaments to use. It is important to stick to solid color ornaments because of the designs you will be adorning them with. You don’t want to take away from the design.

Apply peel and stick crystal stickers typically used for scrapbooking to the ornament. Stickers can be applied to cover the entire ornament, or you may want to apply them vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to create a pattern. Next, tie a satin ribbon , ¾ inch or smaller works best, to the top of the ornament creating a bow. Try using a plaid ribbon with colors that compliment the color of your ornaments. Simple! You have a new personalized Christmas ornament.


Medium to Large solid color plastic ornaments with a satin finish. We used gray.
1 package of clear crystal-looking stickers used for scrapbooking.
Satin Ribbon – ¾ inch or smaller. Plaid or stripes in two colors work best for contrast.

The Author:

Linda Johnson is a degreed and experienced crafter and interior/exterior decorating specialist.

Photo.  Toni Cuenca

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