Instructions for Making Earrings

Once you have all the tools and materials, you will want to place beads on 2 headpins (though you can use multiple headpins on each earwire, for your first pair I recommend one for each earwire). Be sure to leave room for closing it off. I usually leave at least 1/2 inch left on the headpin for closing it. You may want to leave a full inch for your first pair.

To close the headpin, making a loop with round nosed pliers and then twisting the wire around the loop will make a more professional and secure closing than just making a loop. No more lost earring parts! It looks much nicer too.

Now attach the headpin to the earwire by closing it’s premade loop. I use tweezers for closing his loop.

If you are wanting to sell your earrings, you will want to put them on a backing of sorts. A business card works nicely (make holes with a safety pin after measuring). To secure the earrings on the card, rubber stoppers work very nicely.

Now you finished your pair of earrings. In the future, you can add several headpins of beads to your earwire if you want that look.

Shopping List for Making Earrings

Here is a useful shopping list to prepare for making beaded earrings:


Round-nosed pliers
Wire cutters (or nail clippers)
Bead Board (optional, keeps beads from rolling away)
Earwires (sterling silver are often easier on ears)
Headpins (sterling silver bends easier than stainles steel)
Beads (be sure hole is right size for

Headpin, most 4-8mm beads work)
Card to put earrings on (if selling)
Rubber stoppers for earring backs (optional)


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