Halloween season is all about children. Bring a smile to your child’s face with a spooky mask in tandem with his disguise. Halloween crafts are indeed fun to make and the best part is that these can be made using simple and easily found material. For instance, try making paper plate masks this time.

Just a little thoughtfulness, creativity, imagination and craft can help you make all sorts of masks, you can think of with way to easy material. This includes the following:

1. White paper plates
2. Construction paper
3. Paint
4. Crayons
5. Scissors
6. Stapler
7. Glue
8. Markers
9. Tinkers like small pom poms (optional)
10. Elastic or string

Envision your child like any animal such as tiger, rat, cat, bat, etc. Then go ahead with an easy mask.

Given below are the tips to make rabbit and pumpkin masks out of paper plates.

1. Rabbit Mask

Take two white paper plates, a pink construction paper, and a small pink pom pom.
To make its ears, color one paper plate from inside or just glue the pink construction sheet at the inside.

Cut it in to two halves.

Now take another paper plate to make the face. Cut a ¼” wedge from one side. This is where the child’s mouth would come.

Further, staple the ears at the top of plate or the mask that is the part opposite to the wedge. Watch that you place the straight edges facing inside.

Now, cut two eyes on the face. Place these just below the rabbit ears.

For either paint one, or stick on the small pink pom pom right under the eyes. Finally, decorate the mask with crayons and markers. Make whiskers and color just as per your imagination.

To wear the mask, either staple an apt piece of elastic on both sides of the mask. Or you may choose to punch in holes on either sides and tie a string through them.

2. Pumpkin Mask

Draw a scary pumpkin face on the outer side on the paper plate. Cut the eyes, mouth and nose with the help of the scissors.

Now color the whole think orange with decorations of your choice.
Finally, make it wearable with an elastic staple on either sides of the mask, or punching holes and fastening a string through them.

Try thinking “out of the box” and let your creative senses go wild. You shall numerous options to work on in this art!

Happy Halloween!

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