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Making Your Own Cheese Basket for The Holidays

Perhaps the best type of gift baskets is a cheese basket. Not only do the cheeses taste good, putting one together is also very simple. Whether you are giving the gift basket to a cheese lover or not, the experience of tasting new flavors in the mouth is simply incomparable!

Cheese baskets can be fancy or simple. But the great thing about them is your freedom to add other items that will make the cheese tasting even more exciting. You can include olives in to the basket, some crackers and even a bottle of wine.

One example of a cheese basket that you can easily make is The American Artisanal Cheese Gift Basket. Although you can buy this cheese basket in any cheese store, it would make the present extra special of you took the pains of putting it together yourself. Besides, why would you want to buy a ready-made gift when you can have so much fun making one on your own?

Artisanal cheeses make a great present because of its unique making process – they are created in small batches by hand using traditional cheese making processes. Artisanal cheeses are made by local cheese artisans from nothing but pure milk. Thus, the cheeses have their own unique local taste. When putting together an Artisanal cheese basket, you need to have the following cheeses:

Aged Gouda

Gouda cheeses are created by the best master cheese makers in Central Wisconsin. It is a firm cheese that is usually aged more than 6 months, hence the nutty flavor and the velvety texture. Its flavor and its texture make an interesting combination, which is why this is a must for any gift basket.


The best cheddar is made in the Amish country of Central Pennsylvania by a community of Plain dairy farmers. These farmers make cheddar in a traditional manner, complete with horse-drawn plows by the family members of the farmers. Cheddar cheese is a great addition to any cheese basket because it has complex and assertive layers of flavor and its texture is a perfect mix of creamy and crumbly.

Blue Cheese

Just like the Roquefort and the Gorgonzola, a good blue cheese is matured for 70 days. The cool temperatures and the high humidity levels of the cave add to its interesting notes in the mouth. One top of that, the turquoise colored veins add a bold tingle to its creamy, rich taste.

To complete this cheese basket, add a cutting board and a knife set. Don’t forget to include olives, some oat crackers, and a bottle of white wine while you’re at it.

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  1. These are great cheese selections for the perfect gourmet cheese hamper. You can also opt to give a cheese making kit.


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