Children, soccer games, ballet lessons, swimming practice, church, and the list goes on. Run, run, run; come home, go to bed, wake up; run, run, run. Sound familiar?

You are not alone. John is spending the night at a friend’s house, but Kara has nothing to do, so you stay home with Kara. Tomorrow night John is home, but Kara is going to Beth’s house, so you stay home with John. When do parents have time alone?

Many parents keep this hectic schedule, and then when the kids become old enough to drive and are constantly gone, parents wonder what to do with each other. It is at this time they realize how being together can be very nice. Dinners for two, in the ‘adult’ section of the restaurant, WOW! Wondering why those other parents don’t control their kids, and remembering funny episodes of your own children.

Why wait until your children are older? It is very important for couples with young children to make some mommy and daddy time. It will nurture your relationship as a couple and your children will benefit as well. You may say, ‘We have no time, the children come first.’ However, when your children see that their mommy and daddy love each other enough to make time for themselves, they will learn to do this when they get married. Therefore, their marriage will be nurturing and they will be better off by the lesson you have taught them.

Something as simple as going to the gym and working out together will allow time for parents to focus on their own needs. Maybe you need some relaxation from a project at work that is causing stress. This time alone will give you both a chance to unwind from the frenzies of parenting and careers.

It is also important to make some time where work and children are not a part of the conversation. Try a romantic dinner, or a night at the movies. Set up date nights and surprise each other with romantic evenings of dance, dinner, and fun.

Going out can be costly, but there are many ways to find time alone, and it doesn’t cost as much. Swap babysitting nights with friends; you take their kids one night, and they take yours one night (no babysitter fees). Pack a picnic lunch and go to a park (no restaurant bill). Walk around the neighborhood (no gym dues). There are many ways to enjoy yourselves, especially if you find your common interests.

Mommy and Daddy need time together. Your children will not mind, in fact they will appreciate it!

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C.L. Hendricks is a “jill-of-all-trades” and an expert in some. She writes on a variety of subjects for several websites, including InvitingSmiles and Survival Homestead, to name a few.

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