Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

How to Reduce Your Symptoms

90% of pregnant women suffer from the dreaded “morning sickness”. This is one of the least pleasant aspects of being pregnant and is characterized by extreme nausea and vomiting. Contrary to the name, “morning sickness” doesn’t just strike in the morning, but can happen at any time of day. Why “morning sickness” occurs is a bit of a mystery. The medical experts don’t really know why the majority of pregnant women suffer from this condition. There are, however, several ways to minimize the symptoms of “morning sickness”. Here are a few tips:

1) Keep your liquid levels up by frequently sipping liquids like water, tea or soup. This helps to keep your body hydrated which is important as when vomiting, your body is constantly losing fluids. Also the fluids help to fill the stomach. It is much more unpleasant to vomit when your stomach is empty than when there is actually something to bring up.

2) Eat carbohydrates such as rice, bread or pasta as they are not as easily vomited up and they keep you from feeling hungry.

3) Try to eat little snacks interspersed regularly throughout the day rather a few large, heavy meals.

4) If eating makes you feel queasy and causes you to vomit, then don’t eat! You are not going to get any nutritional gain if you bring up the food that you’ve eaten.

5) Avoid fatty, spicy or fried foods and foods that have strong smells as these can make you feel queasy and cause you to vomit.

6) Some studies have shown that a dosage of approximately 10 – 25mg of vitamin B6 three times per day can help to reduce symptoms of nausea. First ask your healthcare practitioner whether you can take vitamin B6.

7) There are also foods rich in vitamin B6 that you can eat such as cereal grains, legumes, eggs, fish, chicken, nuts and avocados.

8) Ginger is a natural antispasmodic which can also help with nausea. It can be used in tea or chewed raw. Chewing itself has a beneficial effect on nausea. Always use fresh ginger as dried ginger is not as effective.

Exactly how long “morning sickness” lasts varies from woman to woman. Hopefully by following the above tips, it will reduce your symptoms. Just hang in there! It will eventually pass. Best of luck with your pregnancy.

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