Mother and Baby Gift Ideas

Mother and Baby Gift Ideas

Buying a suitable gift for a new-born baby and its happy parents is not as easy as it seems. While new parents do need a lot of things, it’s also too easy to buy something they cannot use, or give them the same thing as several other well-meaning friends, because you all thought it would be useful. If children are not your thing and you are finding trouble trying to figure out suitable mother and baby gift ideas keep on reading, we can help!

Beauty Products

After a birth most women will welcome anything that will help them relax and recover from the effort of pregnancy, and there are many beauty products that are great for that purpose. You can create a basket with a few selected products, such as baby massage oil and bath soap, or you can buy a pre-made set with the mother’s favourite fragrance. Look for all natural products that are allergy tested, as baby skin is extremely delicate and most new mothers also suffer from a more sensitive skin than usual.

Keepsake Box

Many people love keeping a photo record of their new baby, so if you can find a suitable photo album for them to place the pictures it can become a beautiful gift that will grow over time. The problem with this gift is that the new parents often end up with half a dozen photo albums, so how about a keepsake box instead? Personalize a beautiful wooden box or metal container with a picture of the baby on the lid, so they can keep the little things that matter there for the future. Years on they’ll be able to look at their baby’s first socks, kept safe on the Keepsake box.

Blankets or Towels

A cuddly and ultra-soft blanket or baby and mother towel set or a set of blankets can be a great gift that will suit both the mother and the child and it’s useful at the same time. Unless you know the parents views on colours it’s best to avoid the traditional blue for boys, pink for girls, as an adult may not want a pink set of towels or they may think it goes against their beliefs on gender stereotyping. Pastel oranges, green and yellows are uplifting and gender neutral.

Baby Books and Magazines

Most parents will already have a small library of titles about babies and pregnancy, but if you know that there’s one in particular they’d like but its missing, or you have a favourite you wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, this makes a great gift. You can also look at subscriptions for new mum’s magazines instead of a book, as it’s something less people will have thought about.

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If you need more mother and baby [] gift ideas, a good place to look is on baby websites [] as often people will suggest potential gifts or even parents will talk about lifesaving items that they couldn’t do without but your friends may not know about.



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