Natural Cut and Scrapes Treatment and Herbal Treatment for Scrapes


You hear a thump and then screaming from the room next door. It runs to find her three year old sitting on the floor, holding his forehead, while streams of blood down his face. We look at the cut and the blood seems to be emerging.

At the time of transfer to the emergency room, his shirt and across the back of your car seems to be covered in blood, but her daughter actually seems to be fine.

You are confused and perhaps embarrassed, when the emergency nurse check out the wound and says “oh, she’ll be fine. It’s just a small cut.”

No matter how you treat cuts, all the wounds that penetrate deeper than the first layer of skin and forms a scar when healed. Even small, superficial wounds can change the skin tone or shape of a scar if re-infection or injury occurs. Following self-care guidelines below can help minimize this complication.

When a healing wound is exposed to sunlight, may darken permanently. This darkening can be prevented by covering the area with clothing or sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) over 30 when you are outdoors during the first six months after the injury.

A cut or scrape is when one or more layers of the skin is broken. You may get an infection when the skin is broken, if it’s a scraped knee or a cut finger.

Since many adults and children cuts and scrapes some treat it as of no great concern, but every time you, another adult or a child experiences a cut or scratch should be treated promptly and with great concern that cuts and scrapes can easily become infected. In addition, we wish to treat scratches and scars quickly, so there is no possibility of healing.

Treating Cuts and Scrapes

1. You might also that love to eat tea prepared by feverfew and ginger to reduce general inflammation. Fluid intake this tea three times a day method.

2. If court finds Crash mouth, as they are cracked, well, really well informed in general, all by you well hydrated. Bring a liquid product that you decide to go to drink water on persistent wheezing. All this advice is not to the actual lip area and individual hydrated anyway.

3. When you pay for a lip balm, moisturizing factors try for example coconut oil, jojoba, beeswax, almond, shea butter and vitamin E. Moreover, even the use of Vaseline. Skin confidential consultations, you must refuse to apply the camphor-based lip balm as it may cause irritation.

4. You can choose to ensure that leaks humidifier to incorporate selected for the practice of indoor air.

Home Remedies for Cuts

1. Wash the wound thoroughly, apply ground ginger in it and dress the wound.

2. Apply garlic on the wound or cut. The allicin in garlic accelerates the healing process.

3. If your skin is injured, apply a cold compress for half an hour. After applying a cold compress, the next day, apply a heating pad on the affected area to improve blood circulation.

4. If the cut is deep or big, elevate the injured part above heart level to reduce bleeding. Use a sterile gauze and apply pressure to stop bleeding.

5. Apply turmeric powder over the wound and dressed with a bandage. Turmeric powder stops bleeding.

6. Chamomile flowers reduce swelling and prevent infection.

7. Yarrow accelerates the clotting of blood in the courts.

8. Include high amounts of garlic and onions in your diet.

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