Organic Palm Oil

Organic palm oil is produced from the fruit of the oil palm Elaenis guinnesis. Its generic name is derived from Greek elaia, which means olive, on account of its fruits which is rich in oil. Oil palms comprise of two species of the Arecaceae or palm family. The African Oil Palm Elaenis guinnesis is native to west Africa, while the American Oil Palm Elaesis oleifera is native to tropical Central America and South America. The trees from both species grow along streams, in swamps and savannas. Although humans have been known to consume oil palm for more than 5000 years, commercial planting and cultivation only started in Malaysia in the mid-1990's.

Fruits and seeds of Elaenis guinnesis produce valuable vegetable oil used widely for nutritious, cosmetic and trade purposes. Oil is extracted from the pulp of the fruit to make palm oil (edible oil) and the kernel to make palm kernel oil (used in food and soap making). What's good about producing palm oil is they are extracted from pressing and crushing, rather than through using chemical solvents like hexane. The oil is resistant to oxidation and rancidity, which means products made using palm oil have extended shelf life.

Certified organic palm oil is one of the more common natural ingredients that you will find in many natural cosmetic skin care products. There are several reasons why palm oil is one of the better choices for a skin product – being that it is 100% natural. The oil is has low melting point, thus the higher the melting point, the harder the oil. As an ingredient in soaps, it lends to the hardness and smooth creamy bubbles in soap.

Palm oil has antioxidants for your skin as well as phyto-nutrient that fight against skin damaging free radicals. It is high in Vitamin E and studies show that because of its high Vitamin E content, it is believed to be a powerful treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, acne and dermatitis. Vitamin E is another form of antioxidant and used in many skin preparations for its properties of destroying free radicals generated by agents such as UV radiation in sunlight, pesticides, traffic fumes and cigarette smoke. It is also high in cartenoids that protect the cells from environmental damages. The oil is also good in moisturizing and promoting smoother skin and encourages new skin cell formation. This is one of the reason why palm oil became a highly sought after commodity in making all natural soap and skin care products.

When you have skin problems, whether it is dry or chapped skin caused by environmental conditions or acne caused by natural emission of excessive oils, look towards natural products such as organic palm oil to help relieve your skin condition.

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