Osteoporosis, Hidden Deadly Diseases


Osteo means bone, the word is derived from the Latin. While Porosis means hollow. Osteoporosis is a condition of bone becomes porous, without changing the shape or structure outside the bone. Area in bone cavities, so easily broken.

Osteoporosis can also be regarded as disease worsening bone density more rapidly, than can be restructured by the body naturally. Keep in mind, osteoporosis occurs in the bone. Not on the joint.

This disease can be said to be more dangerous than cancer. Apart from an incurable, were classified as asymptomatic disease that appears secretly aka silent disease. According to medical rehabilitation expert, recently, the disease can be felt when there is a fracture that is only detected using a microscope.

The danger, osteoporosis is more fun to attack the Eve. Therefore, women’s lower bone mass than men. The disease is in fact already begun to attack since the patient is still young. However, new symptoms generally appear after the age of patients aged 50 years.

At a young age is not as much in old age. In fact, young age is already under attack despite only be examined by using a screening.


Causes of Osteoporosis

Lifestyle of young people today can lead to osteoporosis. Smoking, coffee, carbonated beverage consumption, and alcohol are examples of some cause. Caffeine contained in coffee makes the audience often removing urine. And without realizing it, calcium, too wasted.

So it is with soft drinks that contain lots of sugar and high Carbonate. One can of soda (375 milliliters), requires a level of about 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Calcium is a mineral essential for humans. One of these alkaline earth metals play a role in minimizing bone shrinkage. About 80 percent of people with osteoporosis are women.

Factors that affect women more at risk of osteoporosis than men are:

The hormone estrogen. At the time of menstruation, hormonal changes usually will occur in which the hormone estrogen is necessary to improve calcium absorption decreased drastically. The loss of estrogen after menopause also increases women’s risk of osteoporosis.

During pregnancy and lactation, women’s calcium needs increase. Therefore, the baby needs calcium intake obtained through his mother. Similarly, in nursing mothers. Those who watched less calcium intake during pregnancy and lactation had a tendency to develop osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Prevention

Simple first step is the prevention of osteoporosis through diet and a healthy activity. A healthy intake can be obtained from foods that contain vitamin D, which is good for bone health. Fish and fish oils containing omegha-3 and vitamin D, for example.

Vitamin D helps absorption of calcium is important to keep bones strong. Vitamin D can be found either in the form of active or passive in the body, and is a form of active calciferol. In the inactive form, vitamin D acts as a hormone, because it sends the signal to increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the small intestine.

How to activate vitamin D in the body? Easy. It only took 10 minutes in the sun to turn on and turn it into vitamin D3. Class of vitamins is most commonly found on human skin.

In addition, of course, reduce coffee, excess salt intake, soft drinks, and try not to smoke. If you want to lose weight by dieting, do not do diet or fad diet tiger. This kind of diet, prohibits the culprit carbs.

In the assessment of nutrition, diet is a diet containing tiger protein and saturated fatty acids is very high. There is an imbalance of calories here. Levels of carbohydrates that enter the body very little. In fact, order-balanced nutrition is 60-70 percent carbohydrates, 20-25 percent fat, and 10-15 percent protein.

This diet also lowers the body’s calcium levels due to metabolism or protein processing can improve the removal of calcium through the urine. The body will lack substance copper and zinc that can increase the occurrence of bone fragility.

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