How to Overcome Winter Fatigue

How to Overcome Winter Fatigue

Most of us wake up when an alarm clock rings; someone is waked up by pets. Some of us finally wake up with the help of a cup of green tea, some – with some coffee, and some – with a contrast shower. By the way, it is recommended to add a little of ground cinnamon to coffee to brace you up better. A great resource for raising your tone and mood will be golden root, ginseng, spikenard, magnolia vine.

Things painted in sunny colors help to feel good – a golden yellow tea set, orange curtains, and a bright lamp. Bright indoor, and, if possible, working clothing braces you up and improves your mood.

Also, plant a geranium on your window. Its aroma possesses a truly magical effect on keeping on our tone and giving us optimism. You can specially rub a leaf and inhale the scent.

A lemon cut into slices or wedges and arranged on a plate also tones you up, and a tangerine or half of a grapefruit eaten for breakfast does so.

It will be great benefit to eat for breakfast a piece of black bread with cheese, scrambled eggs or a simple porridge.

You can make a salad of beauty. To do this, soak oatmeal with water in the evening or morning as you like. Add some milk, honey, walnuts or hazelnuts. You can also add a grated apple to it.

Some bitter chocolate, a glass of carrot juice, 1 tart apple, a celery root, grated and seasoned with sour cream or yogurt, potatoes, boiled in their skins, and a salad of green leaf lettuce, eaten for lunch, will cheer you up and give you additional mood and strength.

For dinner, it is not bad to have a piece of fish or chicken with vegetable salad, and at night drink some chamomile tea with a spoon of honey, or a glass of warm milk.

Baths with such herbs as lemon balm, chamomile, marjoram, and peppermint help fighting winter depression and fatigue. Valerian baths are soothing. A bath with a cup of strong tea will tone you up.

In general, you should not take on a lot of work. If you are not in the mood, the spring-cleaning really can wait. If you did not manage to do anything planned out in advance, do not punish yourself, and do not punish yourself ever. It is better to encourage and praise yourself for each accomplished thing, and for success in anything.

Do not slouch over your desk. And do not drag your feet while walking, imagine that you have wings and you are hovering above the ground.

Let yourself dream! Dream of summer, sea, love somewhere in Hawaii or anywhere else. Psychologists say that bright and frequent dreams often come true.

Do not sit indoors at the weekend. Walking out energize you for the whole week of work. And do not forget to take your husband, children, four-legged friends, and two-legged friends, and everyone you want.

And in your imagination, on your inner screen, always keep a bright sun, rising up in the east and illuminates your life with the joyous light of love, energy and happiness.

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