How to Preserve and Regrow an Aloe Vera Leaf

An aloe vera leaf has plenty of uses, aside from treating several skin ailments, the juice can be taken internally to boost the immune system and improve our digestive condition.

Baked Goods

How To Make Bannock

Bannock is simple. Basically it is just a pan fried bread dough. Lots of leeway in this recipe. Use your imagination with it. It...

Apple Pie Pockets and Apple Filled Oatmeal Cookies

Try this recipe for Apple Pie Pockets, they are perfect for lunchboxes or a grab and go treat. The Apple Filled Oatmeal Cookies offer a fresh take on another familiar American icon--the oatmeal cookie.

Easy Recipe for Making Bread from Whole Grains

How to make Ezekiel loaf bead. A great variety for people with wheat intolerance.


How to Store and Dry Firewood

If you are going to heat your home with wood heat it is important that you keep your firewood dry. Here are a few tips that will ensure that you will have a dry supply of firewood for the winter.

Preserving food

Dip into Beans and Molé

Most Americans are unfamiliar with authentic Mexican molé sauce. While some may recognize it as "that sauce with chocolate in it," only aficionados of...

Brewing the Perfect Cup of Herbal Tea

Because herbal teas can be brewed from leaves, roots, bark, seeds or flowers; alone or in combination, a couple of brewing techniques need to be acquired.

Sage Leaf Tea Anxiety Herbs

This potent herb is known to assist those suffering from anxiety and even depression. It can act as a mood stabilizer, and proportionately enhances the function of your nerves throughout your body.

History in a Tea Cup

Did you know that your favorite afternoon pick-me-up or breakfast “cuppa” has a history that dates back thousands of years?

The History of Iced Tea

With a host of choices for their iced drinks, such as powdered, canned, and bottled for a quick pick me up, and the traditional brewed drink using either bags or loose leaves, people in the United States have proven their love for this delicious beverage.

Teas from Plants Around You and Their Benefits

Using teas to benefit your health has been around for many generations. Relief can be found by drinking some of these teas for bronchitis, gout, cold & flu,, eczema, diarrhea, inflamed kidneys, and more.

Welcome Summer!

"In summer, the song sings itself." ~William Carlos Williams

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