Homesteading life

The Real Granny Smith – A Passion for Apples

You know it, you love it -- the Granny Smith apple. The gleaming chartreuse skin. That brilliant crunch. The perfect balance of juicy-sweet and...

10 Things You Can Do To Help Native Bees

Unfortunately, it seems like our civilization has declared war on native bees. Over-development, habitat destruction, and diminishing plant diversity have all negatively impacted our...

A Quick Look at The Worker Honey Bee

Worker honey bees are the smallest members of the hive, size wise, but constitute the majority of bees occupying the colony.

Family and Pets

12 Things to Include in Your Baby Bath Kit

Often, it is the Dad's job to give the baby a bath. I don't know why that this is the case, but it just...

Preserving food

How to Store Your Organic Vegetables

After you have harvested your vegetables you might not be sure what you should do with them. Even a large family will have a...

Making The Perfect Cup of Tea

The 19th Century British Statesman William Gladstone once said of tea: "If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated,...

History in a Tea Cup

Did you know that your favorite afternoon pick-me-up or breakfast “cuppa” has a history that dates back thousands of years?

How to Make Tea Sandwich Recipes

These recipes are easy to follow and the sandwiches are ready within few minutes.

Dandelion Root Tea – Weight Loss and Cancer-Killing Drink

Dandelion root tea comes with many health benefits. It stimulates the appetite and helps the process of digestion and helps cancer patients.

The Health Benefits of White Tea

In the past years, the benefits of green tea have been well publicized: when it comes to health, green tea has gotten all the...

Top Herbal Remedies for Pain

Some of these pain relief methods are through herbal remedies and time-tested herbal formulas. Here are some of the top herbal pain relief options available today.

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