DIY Ideas Using Baker’s Twine

Baker's twine is one of the most versatile crafting articles. Initially, it was used by bakers to wrap up freshly baked bread and cakes....


Those Old Fashioned Skills Could Save Your Life

Our grandparents and great-grandparents, all the way back, had skills and knowledge that enabled them to survive during a time that most people, now a days, would rather die than go back to. Here’s a brief reminder of some of those old fashioned skills that contributed to our own existence.

Food and Water Preps: Burdock

How to use Burdock (Arctium lappa) as a food source. The Author: - Ingredients for a Simple Life. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,...

Three More Weeds That Are Good to Eat

Here are some more weeds that might well be growing in your yard or garden which can be eaten and are good for you.

Family and Pets

Essential Oils and Our Pets

Before we talk about using the essential oils, we first should define what is an essential oil in the first place. An essential oil is...

The Flea-Free Guide

Ridding Your House and Pets of Fleas for the Entire Summer We all hate fleas. If you own pets then you might be more used...

Calming a Fussy Baby

Crying is often related to hunger, and feeding is the obvious solution. However, periods of crying, with no obvious cause and no ready cure,...

Down Home Cooking

Watermelon Rind Pickles

Created by Chef Dave Woolley, we love these watermelon rind pickles that leave the slightest bit of red flesh for a beautiful color and...

Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods: Which Is The Better Method for Long Term Survival Food Storage

Everyone is different, and each person has their own personal tastes and preferences. With that in mind, there are a few things to consider before making a decision between freeze-dried or dehydrated food.

Dill Pickled Eggs

This dill pickled egg recipe is a great way to store eggs for up to 4 months in the refrigerator. It also tastes great!...

Lemon the Original DIY Green Cleaner

Lemon, or Citrus limon, has a long, exotic history as an oriental fruit, an ancient delicacy, a rarity of the wealthy in Medieval times,...

Removing Candle Wax Spills on The Carpet

Candles are really useful home accessories that have many different purposes. It can be used to create a romantic atmosphere when having a nice...

Are Your Heirlooms Ready for the Next Generation?

I inherited 9 pieces of lovely china plates my mother had hand painted when she was a young woman. What a treasure these are...

Green Cleaning Tips

Switching to green cleaning products is an important part of making your home greener. Regular cleaning products are full of toxic chemicals and yet...

How to Clean Delicate Stuffed Animals

Your children may love their plush toys, but every time they hug them all you can see is the dirt and germs being spread...

White Vinegar – Home Remedies

The healing properties of vinegar are remarkable, particularly in the distilled white and apple cider varieties.

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Discover your natural beauty with this easy to make skin softener recipe. Add to bath water for an especially nice treat after a long...

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A simple recipe that will leave you feeling relaxed and your skin soft. You will need: Ingredients: 1 cup fine Sea salt 1/2 tsp liquid glycerin...

Northern Nights Bath Salt Recipe

This bath salt recipe is good for giving you alertness and a sense of well being. You will need: Ingredients: 1 cup Kosher Salt 2 drops...

Ocean Blue Bath Salt Recipe

This bath salt is perfect when you are feeling fatigue and stressed, the Jasmine essential oil with help relax and soothe you.

Desert Sands Bath Salt Recipe

A rich fragrant bath salt recipe to counteract stress and fatigue.

Lilac Sensational Bubble Bath

Fill your tub with the gentle aroma of lilac. You will feel calm and refreshed after bathing in this sensational lilac bubble bath. Here's how to make it.