Almost every occasion calls for a cake from anniversaries to weddings. Why not make a paper flower cake to complement the edible cake? It makes a great decoration and allows you to really use your creative energy.

A paper flower cake can be a replica of the main cake or it can be much smaller or larger and simply be a decoration for the occasion. If you are a beginner at making paper flowers you will need a book with flower patterns and instructions.

· Anniversary Paper Flower Cake – Each year of an anniversary represents something. For example the fifth anniversary flower is the daisy; the color(s) are pink and blue. The gemstone is sapphire. To create a cake using the 5th anniversary theme items is simple. You make your flower the daisy in pink and blue and use a sapphire blue flower as the cake topper or centerpiece. You can make a round cake of a square cake all you need is a piece of white Styrofoam to attach the flowers too.

· Birthday Paper Flower Cakes – Will require a few plastic craft store items depending on the person’s age and interests. You will just insert these items into the flower cake. For a woman who simply loves flowers candles will work just fine. For a young girl (not a good idea for a boy) any item she likes such as Barbie will work as a special insert. The flowers and colors should of course be the favorite of the cake recipient.

· Baby Shower Paper Flower Cake – If the mom to be knows the baby’s sex you can go with the traditional pink or blue. If not you can use neutral colors. Roses are ideal for new babies as the rose represents love and purity.

· Bridal Shower Paper Flower Cake – Using the flowers and color theme the bride has chosen for her wedding will make a beautiful paper flower cake. You add a few little bells, white doves, hearts and any other wedding related item to the cake to give it an even more special look.

· Home Warming Paper Flower Cake – For this cake I like to do a little something different. I use a square piece of Styrofoam as a base and place a small home in the center. You can purchase a small, medium and even large size wooden home at any craft store. I then paint it to match the color of the new home. I use the flowers to create a “front yard garden” theme. This flower cake is a lot of fun to create because you can add a little swing set picket fence and even a driveway with the same color and type of car the new homeowners own. Of course do not forget the mailbox! The new homeowners can use this as a decoration for several years to come.

· Wedding Paper Flower Cake – A wedding paper flower cake should be a mini replica of the real wedding cake. Use the same color and the flowers that the bride has chosen for the theme. This cake will look very nice on the gift table.

It is not only easy but it is fun to make paper flower cakes. The ideas above are just a few common everyday events that you can make a flower cake for. Don’t forget the holidays and other special occasions. If you make these cakes on a regular basis you should consider setting up a table at a local craft fair and selling them!

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