Natural Deodorant
Homemade deodorants process is very easy and less expensive as well as good to health with no side effects to use.

In the recent trends, the usage of deodorants has become a daily routine for both men and women. Of course due to the current polluted environment scenario, it is a natural tendency to have an interest to keep ourselves fresh and odorless. That is why we are being attracted by the deodorants and cosmetics. But in this regard the latest deodorants that are available in market are seemed to be cost expensive and somewhat containing a little bit of harmful chemicals. So it is better to go for homemade natural deodorants to save money and to be health conscious.

Homemade deodorants are very easy to make and less expensive as well as healthier with no side effects to use. Now you are going to learn how easily we can make the natural homemade deodorants. First one is of powder type deodorant and the second one is of spray type.

1.Making of Powder Deodorant

Obviously it is just a simple process that take a little bit of your time to make a powder deodorant

Initially, take one cup of corn flour or maize starch and baking soda in a glass bowl

Make an appropriate mixture of those ingredients to obtain the uniformity.

After finishing the mixing process, now add 3 to 4 drops of antibacterial essential oils like Lavender oil, lemon oil’s, Rosemary oil as of your taste

Now the Natural Powder Deodorant is ready to use

2. Making of Spray Deodorant

It is also a less expensive and easy to make deodorant of spray type

Take one glass blow and add 2 table teaspoons of zinu-oxide powder and a half cup of witch hazel extract and mix them until the mixture become uniform.

Add the mixed zinc-oxide powder hazel extract with 2 to 3 tablespoon of aloe Vera liquid.

Complete the mixture with adding of 30 ml of natural antibacterial essential oils. Add some scent flavors you like best to the mixture.

Take one spray bottle and fill mixture in it.

Now the natural spray deodorant is ready to use and shake well before use.

Homemade deodorants process is very easy and less expensive as well as good to health with no side effects to use.

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Rohit is a graduate from the Bharth University with a bachelor’s degree in automobile. As an activist for beauty tips rental networks community, her previous writing experience has been with related magazines.




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