Nothing is more important than protecting your home and your family. Relaxing evenings spent watching television in a warm living room just aren’t the same without knowing everything is safe and secure. In this day and age, you should have a home security system to help with keeping track of your things. You can customize your own system to fit your
needs by purchasing each component or opt for one of many pre-built systems on the market. Most importantly, with the increasing popularity of home security systems, you won’t have to spend a fortune to keep your family safe.

To Build or To Buy

When purchasing a home security system, you have the option of buying the system as a whole or putting components together to create your own system. While putting together your own home security system can save you money, it takes a tech-savvy DIYer to get the best results, and you may not be as comprehensively covered as other parts. On the other hand, a pre-built system may be a bit more than the simple security cameras you need, although you won’t have to go through the trouble of researching choices as much.

Another advantage to buying a pre-built home security system is the fact that many of them come with the added benefit of a security monitoring company. These companies will receive alerts when your home is in danger. Once they verify that there’s actually been a break-in or other incident, they will call you; if they can’t reach you, they’ll call other people on your call list. If they can’t get a hold of you, their final response will be to call 911. Monitoring companies can even send 911 dispatchers crucial information such as video and other alarm information. This allows 911 dispatchers to determine the magnitude of the threat and prioritize it based on that.

Of course, that won’t be much of a benefit if you live in a remote area. Even if you receive a phone call letting you know there’s an intruder in your house, you can’t do anything if you have an hour-long commute and you’re at work. Similarly, rural or remote areas often have significantly longer police response times, which means intruders are likely to get away with your goodies before the police arrive.

Ultimately, you should buy a pre-built home security system with monitoring services if your home is somewhat close to your work or the police station, and if you need a robust security system. If you just want a few cameras to keep an eye on things while you’re away, you may be better suited buying a nice security camera with a DVR.

Finding Cheap Home Security

One of the most important things to remember when looking for affordable home security is that doing your due diligence can really pay off. There are tons of different home security companies out there, each offering something a little bit different from the next. Shopping around not only helps you find better prices, it helps you determine your needs
and find a system that meets them. You don’t need a dozen cameras and alarms if you live in a 2-bedroom home. Similarly, if you have a larger house, you need to make sure it’s secured in its entirety. Either way, you should only pay for what you need.

When it comes to building a home security system, your affordable options are plentiful. You can get security cameras, DVRs, motion sensors, alarms, stickers, and more for a reasonable price. A few stickers, a yard sign, a camera or two, and cloud storage for video will cover many homeowners’ needs. If you need to up your security, you can add a couple of cameras and sensors and increase your cloud storage plan. You can even connect your existing cameras to many home security monitoring companies.

If you do decide to go the DIY route to save money, keep in mind that you will have to take care of the installation and maintenance yourself. This includes installing the system and
connecting various components, setting up cloud storage, changing batteries, and checking to make sure everything is in working order occasionally.

No matter what you do, stick to these two principles: Do your research and don’t buy anything you don’t need.

Photo. Binyamin Mellish

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