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Ultraviolet (UV) rays on unprotected skin can cause first and second degree burns to the skin, commonly referred to as sunburn. Long-term damage from overexposure can include premature aging and even skin cancer. The use of commercially available sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or higher is effective protection. However, a variety of natural remedies may be even more helpful than chemical-laden oils.

Probably almost everyone has experienced sunburn at least once in their lifetime. Sunburn is common and painful. However, this can be avoided with proper skin care and lesser exposure to the sun. Sunburn rarely brings complications, or any life threatening medical emergency, which requires a visit to the doctor. However, if there is severe pain or extensive blistering, a quick visit to the doctor may be beneficial. Blistering indicates second-degree burn. Your doctor can provide you better skin care treatment to alleviate the pain. The worst sunburn pain is often experienced between six and forty-eight hours after exposure to the sun. On the other hand, skin peeling of the injured layers often occurs between three and ten days after the burn. Furthermore, although this is rare, some people with sunburn may experience vision difficulty. If such is the case, an appointment with a physician may be deemed necessary.

Soak a cloth or cotton gauze in cold whole milk and apply carefully onto the burned skin and leave it for 15 minutes to 20 minutes, then wash with cold water.

Apply Aloe Vera gel to the affected areas – it is very effective home remedies for sunburn. Aloe Vera cream is also good herbal treatment for sunburn.

If you have an all-over burn, a specially prepared bath may help you a lot. Start with lukewarm water and add a mixture of one cup of milk, two cups of raw, uncooked oatmeal and one tablespoon of honey. Soaking for about 10 minutes will soothe the skin and replace some of the lost natural moisture.

Another useful bath for sunburn relief is baking soda – about two cups. Baking soda or oatmeal baths are also good natural skin care remedies for dry skin, acne, eczema and just about any other skin problem.

Wear clothing that covers most of the body. Walking with fewer clothes in the sun is a recipe for disaster for the skin.

Use a wide brimmed hat to cover your scalp and face. Sun can cause problems in your scalp and most of the early lesions are found on ear etc. Protect scalp and face with a hat that does not allow light in.

White or apple cider vinegars can be used to hasten healing, soothe your pain, and prevent blistering and peeling. Dampen a wash cloth with the vinegar and periodically dab the liquid onto the burns. Vinegar can also be added to bath water.

Some skin-friendly ingredients to look for in store-bought products are aloe vera, cocoa butter, vitamin E, lavender oil, and tea.

Place chilled cucumber slices on the spots affected by sunburn. Take a bath in warm water in which you have previously added 2 cups of regular baking soda.

Tea tree oil salve or cream has been used successfully for healing burns and skin irritations.

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