Reasons of the Hormone Deficiency


Hormones are basically the essential for the body as they perform the important function of growth and development. The growth of the secondary sexual characteristics is dependent of the level of the hormones. Sexual libido and maturity of the sperms is dependent on the hormone levels in your body. When any hormone is present in less concentration, it leads to the various ailments. So, please go through the below mentioned points which will give you the explanations about the reasons for hormonal imbalance in body.

Reasons of the hormone deficiency are:

1. As the men age the production of the hormone is affected. Basically it is reduced. Hormone deficiency is very common among the men with old age or above 50 years. So, aging is the main reason of hormone deficiency.

2. Testes are the manufacturing place for the hormones in men. Any damage or physical injury to the testes is found to be a prime cause of the hormonal imbalance because it stops the hormone production completely. Hormone imbalance caused by the testis damage is generally untreatable unless the injury to the testis is recovered completely.

3. Uncontrolled increase in weight gain or obesity influences the normal hormone level in the body. The people with the excessive weight are double the times prone to the hormone deficiency. Hormone deficiency is observed in more than 40% of the people who suffer with excessive weight gain.

4. Stress causes hormonal imbalance in both men and women. Stress affects the production of the hormone in the body and makes him/her prone to the ailments caused by the hormonal imbalance.

5. Inadequate sleep disturbs the hormone levels in the body because essential amount of sleep is found to be necessary for the hormone production.

6. Cancer, specifically the prostate cancer reduces the hormone levels of an individual to the very low concentration. Prostate cancer affects the making of hormone in testis. Hormone imbalance is very common amount cancer patients.

7. Depressed men are usually find deficit with the testosterone levels. Women on other hand are found to be very much facing the problem of hormonal imbalance due to depression. Depression leads to the hormonal imbalance in some cases. Depression affects all the body functions, which finally are guarded by the brain.

8. Heart diseases cause hormone deficiency. If a person suffers with the heart disease then he is very much prone to hormonal imbalance. Cardiovascular disease affects the hormone levels by cutting of the supply of blood to the testis, which affects the hormone production.

9. Hormonal imbalance is also resulted from diabetes or high blood pressure problems. In diabetes excessive amount of sugar in the blood staunches hormonal production and when suffering with blood pressure the hormone degradation in the body is increased leading to the scarcity of hormones.

10. Medications like antibiotics and pain relievers, when continued for long time may also result in the hormonal imbalance. Even the medicines used to treat liver problems also affect the hormone levels in the human body.

11. Constipation is also found to be a reason of hormonal imbalance in rare cases.

12. Few times hormonal imbalance is noted to be hereditary. Suppose if any of your family members had the hormonal imbalance then there are high chances that you might also suffer with it.

13. One of the main reasons of the hormone deficiency is the unbalanced diet. You need to take a healthy diet to stabilize the normal hormone levels.

14. Excessive intake of alcohol or too much of smoking also leads to hormone deficiency.

So, these are reasons for the hormone deficiency. Please try to avoid these things if you want to live a healthy and happy life. Also check out if you are unknowingly doing any of the things that may lead to hormone deficiency.

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Article Posted: April 26, 2012


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