Remedies for Bruises – 4 Ways You Can Heal Yourself Faster


Did you know that there are simple, yet very effective things you can do to help heal a bruise as well as to make it look less offensive? There are many natural treatment for bruises that you can use. By the end of this article you will have learned some quick and simple strategies to use for any bruise that you may have to deal with.

When you hit a part of your body significantly, what happens is that small blood vessels break and leak blood underneath your skin. The blood collects in that area and shows through the skin as a large area of discoloration. This is what we call a bruise.

You could certainly do nothing at all and the bruise will eventually fade away. However, if you do not wish to see that unsightly bruise there are steps you can take to help the healing progress more quickly. Here are some effective treatment for bruises;

  1. Hot and Cold Therapy – Initially when you have hit yourself somewhere very hard and realize that you’re probably going to get a bruise the first thing you should do is apply ice to the area. Probably around 10 minutes of icing the bruised area should be sufficient. Then apply a warm towel of heating pad. You could then alternate the cold then the hot for a few minutes more. This helps to keep the blood circulating through the area which will help to minimize the bruise in the first place.
  2. Vitamin K Cream – This has been proven to help treat and make bruises heal quicker
  3. Raising the Bruised Appendage – If you have bruised an arm or a leg, one way to help the bruise heal faster is to keep that arm or leg raised, above or at head level to allow the blood to flow away from that area
  4. Arnica – In cream or tincture form has been proven to aid in the healing of bruises

So there you have 4 different remedies for bruises that you can use to approach that nasty black, blue, yellow, red, green or should I just say multi-colored bruise that is more cosmetically painful than physically painful. Or you can just let time pass and tolerate it until it’s gone.

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Article Posted: April 24, 2012



  1. Natural Remedies

    Sage, sage, sage. Good for scrapes, scratches, cuts, insect bites, etc. Just bruise a leaf and gently rub directly onto affected area. It helps prevent bruising and promotes healing.


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