Rubber Stamping And Markers : 5 Fantastic Tips For Making Marker Magic!

Chances are your craft room or child’s play area has a handful of colorful markers. Since markers are available in so many different colors and often come packaged in coordinating shades, markers are the perfect mediums to stretch your color options without breaking the bank. Using markers with rubber stamps is a perfect way to make classy paper craft projects and bright vibrant scrapbooking pages. Here are five great tips for getting the most from your markers and rubber stamps and making marker magic.

1. Mark up those ink jet transparencies! Using any ink jet transparency, ink the rubber stamp for your project with the desired marker color and stamp the print side of the transparency. The glue on the ink jet transparency will bond the marker ink to the transparency film and will dry in a short period of time. You can then cut around the stamped image and mount on your project!

2. Color Metal! Using any silver brads, paper clips, or any other silver metal embellishments, color the metal with the marker of choice. If you are using water-based markers, bond the ink to the metal with a light mist of hair spray or acrylic spray-on glue and allow to dry. This technique will allow you to make many different custom colored metal embellishments coordinated with your current project.

3. Cellophane Crackle Color! Take a piece of clear cellophane and lay it on a flat surface. Tape the edges to hold the cellophane in one place. Using a watermark stamp pad, stamp the surface of the cellophane the desired size according to the stamp you will be using. Using your markers, color the stamped cellophane, blending the colors with q-tips, brushes, or light mists of water. Taking your rubber stamp, cover the surface by gently tapping the stamp to the cellophane. Proceed to stamp your project with this watercolor-crackled look!

4. Embossing Powder Power! Gently dust a piece of vellum with corn starch. Using embossing ink, stamp the vellum and cover with your choice of embossing powder. Using a heat tool, melt the embossing powder. Take a handful of similar colored markers and draw various sized triangles in a random pattern on the reverse side of the stamped vellum. Color in the triangles with the markers in a random color pattern. Gently spray the surface with a light water mist and allow to dry. Using spray-on adhesive, lightly set the ink on the reverse side and cut out around the embossed image. Attach to your next project for an amazing stained glass raised vellum embellishment!

5. Shade These Threads! Markers are the perfect mediums for coloring in the non inked areas of a stamped fabric image. Simply start by stamping the fabric with the desired color dye-based ink pad. Allow to dry. Using markers, color in all remaining areas accordingly. To soften the marker lines, gently spray the fabric with water. You can dry the fabric with a hair dryer or allow to dry in the air. Cut out your fabric and place on the desired project!

Using these simple marker techniques is a fantastic way to gather a large variety of colors and inexpensively fill in the color wheel areas for which you have no stamp pads. Markers are a wonderful solution for vibrant colors on a wide variety of surfaces. Go ahead, try those markers and stamps out today!


Kathy Williams loves rubber stamps and scrapbooking. When she is not working on her online rubber stamping store, Rubber Stamping Fun, she enjoys writing stamping and scrapbooking articles and working with all of her rubber stamp projects!

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