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Look around your hectic everyday world and what do you find? Constant movement, not enough time, frazzled nerves, everyone in a hurry and lots of noise? In the continuous flux of building new and better technology, science has created a fast paced world of cell phones, pagers and .com's. No wonder a large part of the population is heading into the woods, out to the beach and up to the lake for peace of mind.

Now imagine the warm decorative tradition of European and American origins, woven from Hungarian hunting lodges, Alpine chalets, Adirondack hideaways, pine tree lodges and waterfront beach cottages. More and more families, as well as singles, are investing in second homes as warm, comfy havens that are a welcome sight after hours of noisy city traffic and constant communication gadgets. Part of the charm of stepping through the door of your own casual retreat is a silent invitation that begs for relaxation and carefree evenings.

Owning or renting a private getaway seems to encourage people to give themselves permission to be casual and reflect a lifestyle that fits their inner personality. Today's trends in antiquing, flea market finds and junk-style have influenced how people decorate their homes. This trend carries over into private getaways and is characterized in choices of home decor and holiday decorating. Often weekend cabins are more personal than homes.

Decorating a retreat space can be an adventure. Casual, rustic and earthy qualities have made a resurgence, especially in lodge and boathouse styles. Minn.- based Midwest of Cannon Falls, a leader in the giftware industry, reports that sales have boomed on rustic accessories that compliment cabin and lodge atmospheres. "Aware of lifestyle trends and market demands for the rustic, yet casual elegance of a treasured family retreat, we've designed several themes that appeal to that earthy, natural quality of a lodge setting," reports Robb Whittlef, vice president of corporate communications for Midwest of Cannon Falls.

"Stag's Head Inn is a theme that captures retro appeal with an old world sporting look. The feel of a European ski chalet combines with a turn of the century charm in antler, stag and deer imagery. These pieces compliment and enhance flea market finds to add a touch of gracious and handsome simplicity."

Another style that offers facets of a woodland retreat is the popular lodge theme, with sporting and camp casual holiday and lifestyle decor. "We see Pine Tree Lodge as a blend of earthy, natural decor that is brought out in combinations of bear and fish pillows, candleholders and other home decor, complimented with holiday figures and ornaments that can be displayed year 'round," Whittlef notes. Pine Tree Lodge combines the feel of hand-hewn logs and stone fireplaces to create a heartwarming blend of Black Forest ancestry and the welcoming woods that lie just outside the door.

Other creative themes that offer endless ideas for decorating are Boathouse and Water's Edge with a wide coastal appeal. Replicas of antique wood buoys, canoe paddles and sailboats add a sense of strength and can also be combined with lights and greenery to create charming Christmas decorations. Garland or grapevine can be intertwined with mermaids, shells and lighthouse ornaments to highlight doorways and mantles. "The look of old is new, and these themes are designed to blend with rustic home and holiday decor that speak to the sophisticated consumer," Whittlef concludes.

In a serene, pleasing environment surrounded by decor that fits the quiet side of your lifestyle, a simple communal event like washing and wiping the dishes together can promote a sense of peace and well being. Are you ready to extend your boundaries, retreat and connect with nature? Whether it's the lapping of waves against the shore, the tapping of a woodpecker on a nearby pine, or the sun's last rays sinking into the landscape, few of us can resist the temptation of a charming hideaway retreat, surrounded by reflections of casual side of ourselves where we can just be.

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