I just recently became a first time grandmother and have been enjoying the new little addition to our family. I am also an avid crafter and seamstress so I can often be found in my craft and sewing room creating some wonderful things for my friends and family.

With the new addition of the baby girl to our family, I decided I wanted to make some homemade baby bibs. I thought the process would be difficult, but once I got started…I realized how easy it was to create my own bibs for our grand-daughter.

Here are the supplies you will need:

1 pre-purchased terry cloth bib to use as a pattern
1 package of double fold bias tape (2 yard package), per bib
sewing machine
sewing thread
1/4 yard of cotton terry cloth fabric
Miscellaneous sewing supplies

Note: If you really want to be frugal, you can recycle some old terry cloth bath towels for this project.

Lay your pre-purchased baby bib down on a piece of white paper and trace around the shape using a pencil, then cut out your paper pattern. Next, unroll your bias tape and cut off a piece of bias tape measuring 34″ in length. Pin your paper pattern down onto your terry cloth fabric and pin into place. Cut around the paper pattern and then remove the pins. Cover and pin the bias tape around the raw edges of the sides and bottom of your bib, don’t cover the neck area just yet.

Using your sewing machine, stitch the bias tape into place and fasten off. Cut another piece of bias tape measuring approximately 26″ long. Attach the center of the bias tape to the center neck area of the bib, pin into place. (note: a piece of bias tape about 10″ long is left at both ends of the neck edge for the ties.) Using your sewing machine, stitch around the neck opening so that you are attaching and covering the raw edges.

You can use your pre-purchased one as a guide on how it should be sewn.

Decorations: If desired, you can use 3/4″ wide eyelet lace instead of bias tape in step one of the sewing, but you will still need to use a coordinating color of bias tape for the neck area and ties. You can embroider a name or nice design onto the front of the bib or purchase some cute iron-on applique’s.


Shelly Hill has been working from home in Direct Sales since 1989 and is a Manager with Tupperware. Shelly enjoys crafting, scrapbooking and sewing along with various other crafting mediums. You can visit Shelly online at http://www.workathomebusinessoptions.com for free family and parenting articles or her recipe blog at http://wahmshelly.blogspot.com for free family recipes.



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