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Skin Care for Spring – 3 Things You Can’t Do Without

Your skin doesn’t behave the same way all year. So why do you do with the same skin care routine all year long? Changing seasons calls for changes in your skin care regimen as well. And with Spring just around the corner, it’s about time you make a few tweaks in

Here are some great skin care tips that help you transit safely from the cold winter to the pleasant summer and keep your skin safe and feeling fresh:

Use More of Sunscreens

Springtime is when you pull out all those short dresses! This means more skin show to the sun. So, make sure you slather on sunscreen all over your body before you venture out. Choose a light broad spectrum formula that protects your skin from the UV rays without leaving it too greasy. However, if you plan to take out the bottle of last season, make sure you check its expiration date. Sunscreens generally have a shelf-life of two to three years. But if you haven’t been storing it well, it can get spoiled sooner. Also, you need to use at least SPF 30 sunscreen in the spring season because the sun is stronger in the Spring than in Winter.

Also, don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen every couple of hours and don’t forget commonly missed spots like your ears, scalp, elbows, around the mouth, between the toes and fingers, on the heels and back of the knees.

La Roche Posay Anthelios SX is a non-greasy Moisturizer and Sunscreen all in one product. It offers broad spectrum protection against the UVA & UVB rays of the sun at the same time keeps the skin hydrated. It is the 2009 InStyle best beauty buy!

Exfoliate Gently

The low temperatures and the chilly winds of Winter can cause the buildup of dull, dry, dead skill cells on the surface of your skin. So, you need to rejuvenate your skin with a gentle exfoliant. However, instead of using exfoliants that contain ingredients like walnut shells and apricot pits that can irritate the skin, choose chemical formulas that contain alpha or beta hydroxy acids. When you remove the dead skin cells from the surface, the newer, healthier cells will be revealed from within. As a result, your complexion will look more radiant and brighter.

However, don’t exfoliate your skin in the morning. Even though exfoliation makes your skin brighter and more radiant, It also makes it more susceptible to sun damage. Therefore, save it for the evening.

Skin Care Heaven Anti-Aging Exfoliating Scrub removes dead skin cells and excess oil by delivering a soothing wave of heat. It contains potent antioxidants such as green and white tea that nourishes the skin and leaves it soft with a youthful glow. It also helps correct sun damage and improves the appearance of mature and dehydrated skin.

Use a Tinted Moisturizer

As the weather starts to warm up, you might need less hydration and less makeup too. This is why a tinted moisturizer is a great option for Springtime. It gives the skin a healthy dose of moisture along with a hint of color to even out your complexion. Not only does it shorten your morning skincare routine, but it also reduces the risk of a makeup meltdown. Moreover, tinted moisturizer makes your skin look dewy and more natural.

The Author:

Naomi Andrews is a professional esthetician and skin care expert. She has worked in several spas and medical spas across Maui and believes that healthy skin can be achieved through an effective skin care routine. She informs women about discount skin care cosmetics and skin care products that can work well for their skin.



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