Are you raising a child who is special in some way you can’t put your finger on? Maybe your son or daughter is a challenge — always on an emotional roller coaster — or wise beyond their years.

“Kids are very different in how they react to the world. I believe it is our job as parents to recognize this fact and provide them with the coaching and support they need to thrive,” says Marilyn Barrick, PhD., a psychologist and author of the new book, “A Spiritual Approach to Parenting: Secrets of Raising the 21st Century Child.”

The book begins with an explanation of why the author thinks parents are having such a tough time raising kids in this day and age. “When I sat down to write this book I reflected back on my childhood and remembered a time when being a kid meant you had the license to be innocent and carefree,” says Dr. Barrick. “Today’s children are inundated with non-stop information via the television and Internet which includes images of violence, war and terrorism. They are growing up thinking that’s the way it’s supposed to be, which of course it isn’t.”

Throughout the book, the author points out the importance of parents creating security in an insecure world, and the importance of giving kids a place to belong. Dr. Barrick says a good place to start is with an understanding of your child’s soul.

* The Indigo Children

If your child is intuitive, active and wise beyond their years, they could be classified as one of the Indigo Children. These children have difficulty with absolute authority and get frustrated with systems that are ritual-oriented. They also relate better to adults than other kids their age. Dr. Barrick says these children need to be guided rather than controlled.

* The Crystal Children

If your child is upbeat, compassionate and forgiving, and seems intrigued by crystals and other stones, they could be classified as one of the Crystal Children. These kids may be late to communicate verbally, but their parents swear they have a telepathic connection with them. Doctors often misdiagnose there kids as being autistic, only to change their minds once they do begin communicating verbally around 3 or 4-years of age.

* The Spirited Child

Spirited children have an emotional intensity, are supersensitive to stimuli and have a hard time handling change. They can go from calm to all fired up in a matter of seconds for no apparent reason. They are also gifted thinkers who exhibit persistence in activities or ideas they choose and frequently bring up experiences their parents have long since forgotten.

“All of these children have tremendous potential. They simply need to learn by careful, loving instruction how to handle the tremendous energy that is flowing through them,” says Dr. Barrick.

Once parents determine what values rate highest with their children, the book helps them figure out how to share their beliefs, values, ideas and motivations with the child in an age-appropriate manner.

“Throughout my career, the one thing that’s made a major difference in the lives of my clients is the decision to let God back into their lives. Once they do that, their problems don’t seem as significant,” says Dr. Barrick.

The Author:

During her 39-year professional career, Dr. Barrick has consulted as a psychological expert for schools, churches, government agencies, professional advisory boards and mental health facilities. You can find “A Spiritual Approach to Parenting” in all major book stores, including Barnes & Noble, Borders and The book is also available directly from the publisher, The Summit Lighthouse, whose Web site is

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