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Strange Uses Of Coffee

A lot of people drink coffee everyday and savor the experience. But are you aware of the fact that coffee has many other uses as well? If you think that coffee is only a drink, youre wrong. The coffee bean is extremely versatile and there are many ways to use coffee.

If you have bad odors in your refrigerator or room, you can eliminate them with coffee. Look for a mesh bag and fill this with coffee beans. Place this in the undesirable area. You can use this to get rid of stinky odors fast.

Throw the beans in your shoes, gym bag or at the bottom of your garbage can. The results will surprise you: it will transform even the most offensive smell into the aromas of your favorite drink. Its just like having Starbucks right in your own home! This effect will last for almost a week. After that, the coffee beans will continue absorbing the bad odors but wont leave any smell at all. You can also use this technique to deodorize the fridge. Simply put coffee grounds in your old stockings or socks, store them there and odors will be a thing of the past.

Coffee grounds can also clean your dirty dishes. To do this, pack the grounds into a piece of cloth and tie the ends together with a rubber band to make your own scrubbing pad. The coarse texture of the bag will get your pots and pans clean in no time at all.

If your hands are smelly and rough, coffee will make them better again. Rub coffee grounds on your hands to eliminate odors or scrub them to make your hands soft. Naturally, your hands will smell like coffee afterwards.

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Article Posted: August 30, 2011



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