Sugars That Can Heal The Body and Sugars That Can Harm The Body


Let’s face it everyone loves a bit of sugar and it’s one of those things that we treat ourselves with. We associate sugar as being a treat or a reward, and it is in many ways and can continue to be in the right forms.Here’s the challenge with sugar in the western world, it has in so many situations become an addiction. People have become addicted to the man made sugars that are often heavily processed before they get to us. When we discover the natural sugars that really are beneficial to the health of our body our sense of well being can really improve significantly.

So what is the problem with sugar?

Most sugars that are consumed in western cultures are of a manufactured nature, they are processed, heat treated and tampered with so that when they get to us they have little or no nutritional benefit. When looking at the molecular structure they have a very short chain. A short chain sugar provides the body with an easily digestible sugar, which when eaten gives you a surge of energy to then be followed by a crash. If this becomes addictive which in a lot of cases it is then there is a danger of living in an endless loop of crash, high, crash, high etc.

We all have a basic understanding of the above, but what really goes on long term when consuming these sugars? Well, we all have bacteria in our bodies, some good and some bad. Consuming short chain, easily digestible sugars allow a bad bacterium to grow, that’s right they feed off these sugars allowing the bad bacteria replicate. It is a known fact that cancer cells feed off short-chained sugars, allowing them to proliferate. There have been many examples of people who have had cancer, who have eliminated certain sugars as well as other practices and their cancerous areas have shrunk and in many cases disappeared. This is not to say that it’s the only practice that needs to be adopted but it would be one.

So long term effects of living like this can result in serious illnesses like cancer, Candida problems as well as pretty unpleasant life experiences. Blood sugar crashes can also be associated with certain emotional states like anger, depression, anxiety, irritability and fatigue. It is best remembered that no addiction is a good addiction and if sugar is one of those things then it could be time to beat it.

Which sugars are best reduced or eliminated?

The sugars to avoid completely are un-natural sugars such as refined sugar like high fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, white sugar, etc. Anything made through human engineering, plant breeding, and heat processing. If hooked on sugars then it’s best to eliminate simple short chain natural sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose for 3 months. That means avoid too many fresh or dried fruits at one sitting as well as too much sweetener at one time with our beverages, desserts, and treats. There are some good alternative simple sugars that do benefit our health when taken in moderation – these are: Agave nectar (darker varieties only), aloe vera, yacon root syrup and raw honey.

Other short chain sugars come from foods like bread, pasta, potatoes, most cereals and pastries. Yes they are carbohydrates, which convert to simple sugars, and yes they do affect your insulin levels and have the same effect as refined sugars. But it’s not all bad, just try the right sugars


The Best Sugars in the World… The Nutritional Medicine…The Super Sugars – The Ones That Make Us Grow, Thrive and Come Alive.

Essential Polysaccharides

What is a Polysaccharide?

This is a long chain complex sugar also known as a glyconutrient. When the chain of sugar becomes longer the taste of the food becomes more bitter. Polysaccharides or glyconutrients are one of the healthiest substances we can ingest, especially when still found in their natural state in whole organic raw foods, superfoods, and herbs. So how are they beneficial?

They are:

• Soothing

• Produce healthy youthful skin cells,

• Help keep us slim and trim

• Help detoxify our bodies

• Improve and educate our immune system

• Increase our brain power

So most importantly in what foods do you find Polysaccharides?

The most commonly known foods are:

Goji Berries which are well known for their many unique medicinal immune system improving qualities. They are also full of antioxidants so they hold the gift of longevity inside them.

Bee pollen is an excellent source of healthy polysaccharides as well as being a complete protein and they will give the bee buzz factor.

Fruits – In general, berries are the best class of fruits as they contain glucose and more medicinal medium and long-chain polysaccharides than most other fruit types. The best ones are mulberries, Inca berries and Acai.

Yacon Root – This incredible superfood contains polysaccharides that help to nourish friendly bacteria and helps to alleviate blood sugar disorders.

The Hidden Health Food which have a long history of usage and in complementing optimal health and wellbeing contain Polysaccharides as well as many other complex, yet wonderful things to serve our bodies. These are the

Medicinal Mushrooms – If this topic interests you at all, which I imagine it does then it is well worth looking into the medicinal mushrooms and trying them out. Some of the most popular ones include Reishi, Lions Mane, Sharga, Maitake and Shitake. Try a tea, take a capsule… and do it for a month and feel the difference of this alone.

Other sources of great sugars to discover are: Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton, Mesquite, Maca, Lacuma, Carob as well as all the edible seaweeds.

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