Thanksgiving Check Off List

Thanksgiving Check Off List

Thanksgiving is celebrating the fall harvest with friends and family. If you are planning a Thanksgiving dinner, it’s important not to forget anything, so you can your guests can have fun celebrating the holiday. Follow this Thanksgiving Check off List, so you can be sure that you don’t miss a thing.

Table Decorations

First of all, you must make sure that your table decorations have appropriate fall or Thanksgiving theme. You want to look for fall colors such as red, orange, yellow, or brown and patterns like pumpkins, squash, pilgrims, leaves, Native Americans, turkey, etc. Then, you can easily mix and match your dishes, flatware, serving wear, table cloth, etc. You want your guest to experience the fall spirit.


You want an assortment of both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. To start off the evening, you want to offer your guests ice tea, soda, beer, or wine. Then at dinner, you want to serve ice tea, soda, or wine. Make sure you offer both red and white wines to your guests at dinner. Wine drinkers usually prefer one over the other. At dessert, you want to serve either hot tea, coffee, blush wine (white zinfandel), or port wine. If you want to get creative with drinks, you can add some Thanksgiving spice by making pumpkin lattes or pumpkin martinis.


Eating turkey is a tradition on thanksgiving, and it’s delicious. You can deep fry turkey, which is the newest trend. Or for a more healthy turkey, you can use olive oil instead of vegetable oil and add some zesty herbs and spices. If vegetarians are attending your Thanksgiving celebration, don’t forget to pick up a tofu turkey, so they can join in on the eating celebration.

Side Dishes

Depending on how many guests are attending and what their preferences are, you can determine how many side dishes and the type of side dishes you want to serve. First, you want to have the typical thanksgiving side dishes such as stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy (for the turkey of course). Then, you would need a few potato dishes such as bake potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, or sweet potatoes. You can get a little bit creative with potatoes by adding some marshmallows and brown sugar to sweet potatoes, throwing in some garlic and cheddar in mash potatoes, or getting a few fixings like bacon, chives, sour cream, butter, and cheese for your guests to create a loaded bake potato. After, you want to get some veggies for health conscious guests. Some good options are green bean casseroles, broccoli, brussel sprouts, asparagus, or winter squash. Don’t add any butter or cheese beforehand to the vegetables, so you can accommodate the healthy eaters. You can always have sides of butter and cheese for other guests to add. Last of all, you need some warm bread or rolls to complete the side dishes. You can pick up some easy to bake bread or croissant rolls. Or if you are adventurous, you can even make homemade bread.


The typical Thanksgiving desserts are pecan, apple or pumpkin pies. You can also add a few other desserts for guests who don’t care for pies such as cookies, fresh fruit, cupcakes, or cake. For an added bonus, you can incorporate thanksgiving foods such as pecans, apples, and pumpkins to create other fall desserts like pecan cookies, pumpkin bread, or apple cake. Regardless of how many guest you invite, make sure that there is an assortment of desserts that they would like.

Now, you have your thanksgiving check off list, so you wouldn’t forget to miss anything.

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