The Rose: The Queen of Flowers Blossoms in Summer Arrangements


You can’t help but notice that roses are blooming all over. During the summer months, this ever-popular flower, also known as “The Queen of Flowers,” is at the height of blossoming. With almost 120 varieties available, roses are a classic favorite, ranking as the number one choice of almost 85 percent of flower buyers and receivers.

Whether your taste leans to the subtle, the flamboyant or the delicate, there is a rose to please.

While the red rose may be the first to come to mind, a rainbow of colors exist, including cappuccino, butterscotch, melon, sunshine and ballerina slipper pink. And if you’re bashful, at a loss of words or simply looking for a novel way to convey a special message, each rose color has a special meaning. What’s more, when several colors are combined in one arrangement, your bouquet can speak a whole sentence instead of just one thought. Here are some color meanings:

* Red roses say love, beauty and respect
* White roses are symbolic of reverence and humility
* Light pink roses are a sign of admiration
* Dark pink roses show appreciation
* Yellow roses are a traditional symbol of friendship
* Orange roses communicate desire
* Red and white roses signify unity
* Rose buds symbolize beauty and youth
* Rose bouquets in full bloom symbolize gratitude
* Dark crimson roses symbolize mourning

And with summer celebrations, including graduations, proms, Independence Day, family reunions, anniversaries or birthdays, where there’s a rose, there’s a way to send a message!

To arrange these gorgeous flowers, follow these simple rules:

* Arrange the flowers in a deep-vase filled with cool water and then mix in the floral preservative provided by the florist.

* Remove all leaves from the stem that fall below the waterline in the vase as they will promote bacterial growth.

* Use a knife or shears to cut an inch from the bottom of the stem while holding it under water. This allows the stem to draw in the water instead of air.

* Keep cut flowers and arrangements looking fresh by adding cool water to the vase every day. Always keep the vase full and change the water every three to four days.

* For maximum longevity, cut the stems whenever you change the water and keep the vase in a cool spot.

The rose is also an ideal flower to dry and use in arrangements, wreaths and other projects. The easiest method is air-drying, which only requires a dry, warm room with plenty of circulating air. Stems can be dried individually or in small bunches, upright, laid flat or hung upside down. It’s as simple as that and you can fill your home with beautiful blooms all year long.

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