So you are thinking about getting back into sewing? Whether sewing garments, crafts, quilts, or dolls, you will need a list of supplies in your sewing basket, ready at all times. A sewing basket can be anything like; a shoebox, a sweater box, a hat box, or anything that will hold your sewing supplies in it.


Dressmaker’s sheers and small snipping scissors will be the best kind of scissors to keep on hand. The dress maker’s sheers should be 8-10 inch with wide blades to make cutting easy. The snipping scissors can be used for small jobs like cutting threads and should be about 4 inches.


Pins are used to temporarily hold your craft, quilt, or garment in place. Plenty of these should be on hand. All purpose ball point pins with a large round head will work best for most sewing projects. Avoid small tiny thin pins. Do not sew over your pins. Magnetic pin holders work best to keep all your pins in one place and are great for easy pin pick up!

Tape measure:

A 60″ linen tape measure with metal ends works best. Tape measures are used for measuring awkward measurements like round things that can not be measured with a ruler.


A package of basic sewing needles in different sizes will get you through most sewing projects.

Seam Ripper:

You never know when you will need to rip a seam open, so having a seam ripper on hand is a must.


Always keep plenty of extra hand needles, machine needles, bobbins, and thread in your sewing basket.

Of course you will need a sewing machine, an iron, and a sturdy table and chair. Keep in mind, the happiest of crafters, quilters, and seamstresses finish each project before moving onto the next!

Best Stitches,

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