Things to Do on a Snow Day

Things to Do on a Snow Day

Kids, teachers and parents alike love the freedom a snow day brings. Work and school are put on the back burner and everyone can enjoy a day off from their normal, everyday life. Whether you get a few days off each season or you live in an area where snow days are a rarity, take advantage and come together as a family with these fun activities.

Make a Fort

Many parents have nostalgic memories of making forts when they were younger. Couch cushions, blankets and furniture can all help create the base of the fort. Once it’s fully constructed, everyone can crawl inside and enjoy a picnic lunch in the middle of the living room.

If the snow has stopped falling, get out those boots and snow pants and build your fort outside. If your kids are a little older, build two and then have a rowdy snowball fight before coming inside and enjoying hot chocolate together.

Put on a Show

Your family might not be the Partridge family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put on a show of your own. Kids can do everything from making tickets to building the sets. If you don’t have enough people at home to put on an entire show and have an audience, consider a puppet show. A couple turned over chairs and a blanket or sheet can help create a puppet theatre and kids can use everything from fashion dolls to stuffed animals

Make Life Sized Paper Dolls

Both boys and girls can have fun making life sized paper dolls. Take a roll of plain, white paper and tape it to the floor. Have your children lie on the paper as you trace an outline of their body. Kids can take crayons, markers, paint, glitter, stamps and more to create clothing, draw on their facial features, add hair and more. Encourage kids to make their life sized paper dolls as creative as they want to and consider holding a contest to see whose paper doll looks the most like each child. Mom and Dad can also get in on the fun and extra creative families can even include the family pet.

Bake Some Treats

If it’s still blustery and snowing outside, stay in and bake some special treats. Grilled cheese sandwiches are family favourites and easy to make. For a twist, pull out the cookie cutters and make fun shaped sandwiches the whole family can enjoy for lunch. Your children will love this fresh sandwich take and can even help make the meal!

End The Day with a Movie Night

At the end of the day, pop some popcorn and snuggle up for your own family movie. Choose a movie that you have in your own movie library or find one online so you don’t need to venture out into the snow.

A snow day is an ideal way to reconnect as a family. Put away the video games and the computer and find activities that you can all do together – you, and your children, might just start some snow day traditions that you can repeat year after year.

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