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Understanding The Best Cuts and Types of Beef

Understanding the best cuts of beef is essential if you are a steak lover. There is nothing more disappointing than to be presented with an inferior plate of beef when you are dining at a restaurant. If you have some knowledge about the beef you are eating and what cuts are best then you will be able to enjoy the finest cuts available. Similarly if you are going to have a barbeque you want to know what cuts are best for grilling and serving to your family.

You will probably be surprised at how many cuts of beef can be obtained from the bovine. They range from superb gourmet parts to cheap stewing cuts. The ones you really need to know about are those pertaining to steak.

Rib-eye: as the name suggests this beef is taken from the rib area. It is a medium priced cut and can also be used for roasts. It has layers of fat and meat. This means that you should cook or barbeque these cuts for a longer time to bring out the flavor. It is very important to take your time when you cook this type of beef.

The short loin part of the bovine is where you find those gourmet cuts and these are used for the prime steak. These include Porterhouse, strip, filet mignon, t-bones and tenderloin. With these cuts of beef you should cook them faster. They are perfect for grilling, sautéing, broiling and pan frying.

Porterhouse is taken from the back of the short loin. Strip and tenderloin are also taken from the same place. T-bone is taken from the middle of the short loin. Tenderloin as its name suggests is considered to be the most tender of all the cuts. When it is divided into smaller portions it is called fillet mignon. Sirloin steak is taken from the hip bone of the bovine. It is not quite as tender as the short loin cuts but has often got more flavors. It can also be used as a roast.

Round roast is made from the rump of the bovine. This is used for braising and pot roasts. It is not as tender as the sirloin portion and requires slow cooking. It is also known as topside or silverside. Do not cook this cut of beef on a high heat, or it will not cook well. It is solid muscle with little fat which is ideal for roasts.

Brisket comes from the neck and is a lean cut. It requires more cooking to get tender. It is good in casseroles and stews and of course corned beef. Short plate comes from the belly of the bovine. It is a cheaper cut and is sold with or without bones.

Shin cuts are made from the fore leg of the bovine. These are not considered prime cuts but are good to make stocks from. They require long slow cooking. Thin frying steaks are made from flank cuts. They are less tender and require a longer cooking time to bring out their flavor and make them tender.

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