Wallpaper Hanging Made Easy


Wallpaper can add style and elegance to any home’s décor. And with new products and a few tips from the pros hanging wallpaper has never been easier. Just follow these simple steps:

Start with surface preparation. Wash the walls with ammonia and water, if needed, and allow them to dry thoroughly. Repair cracks and remove loose paint and any high points or old paint drips to prevent bumps under your new wallpaper. If you’re hanging wallpaper on new drywall, porous paint, spackled or taped areas or, if you’re hanging it over a colored or patterned surface prime with a pre-wallcovering primer like, SHIELDZ( Universal Pre-Wallcovering Primer. SHIELDZ helps wallpaper goes on easier, makes it easier to remove at redecorating time and creates the perfect surface for hanging any type of wallpaper.

Tip from the pros: If there is old wallpaper on the wall, remove it by scoring the wall with PaperTiger( Scoring Tool and applying a wallpaper stripper, like DIF( Liquid Concentrate or Ready-to-Use GEL.)

Carefully measure the wall and cut the wallpaper to length. If you are hanging pre-pasted wallpaper, use a product like PREPZ( On Step Wallpaper Prep & Adhesive. PREPZ eliminates messy water trays, special adhesives, activators and the need for sizing with one easy step. Just brush or roll it on the back of half the length of the wallpaper, fold the wallpaper back to itself (paste to paste) and continue to apply to the balance of the strip. Book wallpaper as per the manufacturer’s directions.

You’re ready to hang! Align the wallpaper to your plump line, overlapping the ceiling molding by a few inches. Let the other edge hang loose to make positioning easier. After hanging the wallpaper, smooth it out using a plastic smoothing tool, like the WalWiz 3-In-One Wallpaper Tool. WalWiz features a patented edge designed to smooth, seal and set seams and trim wallpaper with just one tool. Trim the overhanging paper. Then you’re ready for the next sheet.

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