From the very beginning, trees have and still are playing an important role in improving the environment and life for all living beings. In fact, they were considered so highly that a few trees were even worshiped and considered as sacred. Because of that importance, it is important to give the trees you have on your land a bit of pampering through tree service RI companies.

If you don’t know why your trees are worthy of your time and money, here are some of the top reasons which make them important.

Oxygen Production

Everyone knows that trees are known to produce fresh oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide. However, what they don’t know is that a full-grown, leafy tree can produce enough oxygen for 10 people to inhale in a day. This makes a forest a massive filtration system for cleaning up the earth’s air.

Storm Water Flood Prevention

According to research and experts on tree service Rhode Island, a single full grown Colorado blue spruce tree can easily seize around 1,000 gallons of water. If a sole tree can do that, imagine what hundreds or even thousands of trees can do to prevent a raging flood from devastation.

Noise Reduction

If trees are strategically planted, they can control noise pollution by reverting it. The leaves absorb the sound just like carbon dioxide. So, if you live in a noisy neighborhood, you can hire an expert tree trimming RI crew to shape your trees in a way that reduces the noise.

Soil Cleanup and Air Filtration

Trees are actually known to clean the soil from harmful chemicals, but they also prevent sewage and animal wastes from spreading. They can even collect harmful pollutants, therefore reducing their danger. Trees can also absorb pollutants like sulfur and nitrogen dioxide, from the air, therefore reducing the overall heat. These aside, it purifies air by preventing dust particles from flying all over.

Temperature Control

The shade of a tree is quite cool during summer, but this majestic plant can also withstand strong gusts during winter. This saves energy which is usually spent on operating air conditions and heaters in their respective seasons. Another scientific fact is that an area without trees can have a 12 degree Fahrenheit temperature that is higher than others.

Soil Corrosion Protection

Big strong trees that are deeply rooted help to prevent soil from getting eroded by binding specific chemicals and fertilizers together. In addition, the leaves of trees prevent the wind from reaching the top dry part of the soil; therefore the soil will have its exterior dust layer intact.

Increase in Property Value

A study revealed that a property or a housing scheme with proper tree plantation has a 15% higher value in the market. So investing in trees, especially when it comes to services like tree trimming Rhode Island, will always be beneficial.

After reading all the above, you must have realized the importance of having trees in the area. If it weren’t for them, the environment along with other living creatures would have been depleted long before. So grow a tree and save the world!

The Author:

Travis Stewart is a marketing consultant of Sepe Tree, a Tree removal Rhode Island company.

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