Yoga for All Five Senses


As people come to understand the physical, mental and emotional benefits of their yoga practice, many are seeking ways to bring their practice into everyday life.

Carving out personal time for yoga provides a way to reflect and reenergize. And unlike many workouts, yoga is easy to do at home. There is no bulky equipment, and you can customize the yoga session that is right for you — from meditative breathing to an intense workout. At first glance, your living room or den might not seem like the right place for child’s pose or downward-facing dog, but it’s easy to create an environment that speaks to all five senses.

Give yourself room to breathe

Make sure the space is large enough to fully participate in each pose. You may have to move some furniture, but it’s worth it to reap the full benefits of each pose. Make sure the room is a comfortable temperature — while you might not work up a sweat, you will be moving quite a bit.

Listen closely

The right mood can be created or broken by outside noise. Block out sounds of traffic or noisy neighbors with a CD of gentle music or nature sounds. A tabletop fountain can bring the soothing babble of flowing water. Whatever you choose, it should help to focus your attention, not distract it.


Aromatherapy is the science of scent and its effect on our well-being. Take a personal approach — and avoid a house full of smoky incense — by investing in a yoga mat with aromatherapy. The Aroma Mat from Hugger-Mugger has a unique combination of fragrances. The scent of jasmine, peach, raspberry and coconut uplift your mood. Hints of soothing patchouli and cedarwood may aid in your grounding and relaxation.

A feast for the eyes

Remember that most of our impressions about our world come from what we see. Create a calming space by removing clutter. Draw the curtains if outside activity will cause distraction. Surround yourself with objects of beauty — a flowering plant, a beautiful print, even a favorite color. Choose a yoga mat in a color that inspires you. Most people prefer a sticky mat to aid with poses and comfort. Hugger-Mugger is a creator of the original Tapas sticky mat and today offers 10 styles and 21 color options.

A strong finish

Most yoga instructors recommend that students refrain from eating for at least two hours before yoga sessions. After your practice, don’t head straight for the fridge. Enjoy a quiet moment with a cup of herbal tea or spring water to ease your body back into the “real world” and reward it for all its hard work.

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