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Solar Drying Food – Use the Sun to Make Your Own Treats! Make Your Own Solar Dryer!

How would you like to learn how to dehydrate your own food so you can enjoy the fresh taste of your garden in the cold of winter? Almost any vegetable that can be blanched and frozen, along with most fruits and herbs, can be dried and put away for 6 months or longer and still retain their delicious flavor.

Conserve Water at Home

With many areas of the country in drought conditions, all of us could use a reminder list of ways to cut back on our water consumption around the house.

Live Off Your Land

If you long to get off the office treadmill and onto your own land, here are fifteen crucial steps you should take to pursue your life of freedom.

How to Prepare for Power Outages

Your power can go out without notice, so make sure you're prepared the next time you're left in the dark.
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