Homesteading Skills to Learn – Even on The Urban Homestead

There are many skills our grandparents had that have been lost today. Various homesteading skills are lost on the modern city dweller. Here are some key skills to learn.

Did You Know Backyard Chickens Love Music and Games

A little extra effort can make a big difference for backyard chickens, they'll love these activities and you'll enjoy them, too.

Keeping Chickens – Make Your Own Chicken Food

So you are keeping a few chickens and want to make you own food. Chickens, like us, very much appreciate a varied diet.

Snakes in Early Ohio History

During the early 1800s, settlers in Ohio's Highland and Ross Counties were continually threatened by huge spotted rattlesnakes.

Squirrels – The Plague of Southern Ohio in the Early 1800s

When we think about the dangerous animals faced by our pioneer ancestors, what comes to mind? Probably we would imagine wolves, bears, panthers, and poisonous reptiles. Few would consider the lowly squirrel! But for the early Ohio settlers, the squirrel was the cause of famine and suffering.

Storing Drinkable Water

There is not much more important to your survival than storing drinking water.

The Truth About Starting a Micro Farm Today

It is still possible to create a sustainable, profitable micro farm on a small piece of land. However, the truth is that the methods and tools that worked in traditional pioneering and homesteading days just won't cut it anymore. Here's the truth about starting a micro farm today.

Surviving a Food Shortage for Preppers

Its important to prepare for times when the store shelves could be bare and you do not have a place to get supplies.

Self Sufficiency – It’s a Full Time Job

A comparison between "self reliance" and "self sufficiency" by looking at how early pioneers did it. Self reliance is an honorable goal but achieving self sufficiency is a full time job that requires teamwork.

Early Farming Practices in 1800s Ohio

Have you ever wondered how the pioneers got their bread? After all, there were no brightly-lit grocery stores boasting shelves of different varieties of...

Making Money on The Community Demand for Local Organic Herbs, Spices and Produce

Selling locally grown organic herbs and vegetables provides an opportunity to create a business from one's own yard or garden.

An Essential Guide to Chicken Health for The Small Scale Chicken Keeper

It is becoming increasingly more popular to keep chickens in your back garden. In addition to the benefits derived from having delicious, free-range eggs easily available for your kitchen, you can enjoy the benefits of chickens as a companion pet.
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