Surviving a Food Shortage for Preppers

Its important to prepare for times when the store shelves could be bare and you do not have a place to get supplies.

Self Sufficiency – It’s a Full Time Job

A comparison between "self reliance" and "self sufficiency" by looking at how early pioneers did it. Self reliance is an honorable goal but achieving self sufficiency is a full time job that requires teamwork.

Early Farming Practices in 1800s Ohio

Have you ever wondered how the pioneers got their bread? After all, there were no brightly-lit grocery stores boasting shelves of different varieties of...

Making Money on The Community Demand for Local Organic Herbs, Spices and Produce

Selling locally grown organic herbs and vegetables provides an opportunity to create a business from one's own yard or garden.

An Essential Guide to Chicken Health for The Small Scale Chicken Keeper

It is becoming increasingly more popular to keep chickens in your back garden. In addition to the benefits derived from having delicious, free-range eggs easily available for your kitchen, you can enjoy the benefits of chickens as a companion pet.

An Introduction to Rabbit Farming

Rabbit farming is becoming popular all over the world, especially in third world countries as rabbit is being recognized as a new source of...

Raising Chickens in Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

Although chickens seem like fragile creatures, they possess certain characteristics that allow them to survive through many different weather climates.

Native American Cooking: Pemmican

Recipe for Pemmican, a hardy Native American survival food. This protein and fat based food is good for hunters, camping, backpacking or emergency food.

On My Walk: Echinachea (Purple Coneflower)

Discovering the herb Echinachea on my walk. Learn all about the health benefits of this beautiful flower native to North America.

Chickens in Your Backyard for Fun or Profit

A small flock of chickens can become a great living compost pile. And with new understandings of the superiority of grass-fed organic animal products,...

Favorite Rare Breed Chickens

Humans have bred chicken breeds for thousands of years from wild jungle fowl. There are an estimated 350 combinations of physical features for chickens.

Summer Riches: Coal Oil Lamps, Cool Well Water, and Blackberries with Cow’s Cream

Summertime brings back memories of the smoky smell of coal oil lighting, the feel of cool dank air rising from the well with the...
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