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Not Using Air Conditioning This Summer? Here’s How to Survive The Heat

Despite our notoriously cold winters, many parts of Canada have very hot summers – and with climate change, the number of extremely hot days...

17 Essential Gardening Tasks for Summer

Keeping on top of your garden throughout the summer and carrying out the tasks mentioned above little and often, will help to ensure your garden continues to bloom and provides you with an oasis to relax and unwind in.

July in The Flower Garden

Mid summer in the garden is the time when you can take some time to relax and admire the fruits of the your labour. The flower borders are in full bloom and the garden is buzzing with life. However, even in the smallest garden there is still plenty to do, from making sure containers and borders are well watered to deadheading roses.

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Electricity Bills During Summer

Are your electricity bills shocking you? Take a look at our 10 best tips to deal with this issue and you will move a step closer to lower bills this summer.

20 Dog Camping Tips

There is nothing better than to snuggle with your doggy in a cozy tent with the scent of camp fire still lingering in the air. With some thoughtful planning you will be all set to heed the call of the wild and have a blast!

Three Campfire Building Techniques

These are all simple, easy, and very effective ways to build a campfire very quickly.

Summer Anti-Boredom List

Before summer vacation turns into a boredom fest, sit down as a family and make a summer anti-boredom list.

Staying Cool, The Green Way

Here are ten tips for maintaining a comfortable home without relying on the air conditioner this summer.

Eight Ways to Stay Cool without an Air Conditioner

Various ways to keep cool in summer without using an air conditioner. Alternatively these tips can be used to make an existing air conditioner more efficient.

5 Essential Planning Tips to Make Your Outdoor Wedding Perfect

These practical tips will get you started in building the outdoor wedding of your dreams.

Camping Hacks – Top 10 List

There are always some great tips and camping hacks that can make the trip a bit easier, if not also down right more fun.

DIY Backyard Summer Activities

Turn your backyard into a haven of fun with plenty of easy DIY summertime favourite activities to enjoy.

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