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Borax Facts – Making Homemade Soap

Some people use Borax for making homemade laundry soap, having the function of a laundry booster.

Tea Tree Oil Soap Recipe

These soaps have natural purifying, antibacterial properties help soothe blemished skin and natural deodorant. The soap has deep cleanses action on skin; it refreshes and stimulate skin and remove dead skin cells. The tea tree oil is suitable for all kind of skin.

The Basic Mistakes of Beginner Soap Makers

Let's start with the simplest mistakes which can occur during creation of handmade soap from the soap base.

Goat Milk Soap with Natural Colors

Goat milk soap comes with a built in advantage. It has a cool color even with nothing added. For even more color, why not add just some of these natural materials?

Soap Cutter – Making Homemade Soap

Are you looking for the right soap cutter? There are different types of cutters: air soap cutters, manual soap cutters, loaf soap cutters and hand soap cutters. Some just use a butcher knife or chefs knife for cutting through their soaps!

Make Your Own Shampoo with Liquid Castile Soap

Shampoo brands often contain harmful chemicals, one alternative you can do to prevent harmful effects is by making your very own shampoo.

Sandalwood Essential Oil – Making Homemade Soap and More!

Sandalwood essential oil is steam distilled from the wood of the evergreen tree, Sandalum album, native to India. The heartwood is the most precious part of this tree. The best heartwood is found in the roots.

Colonial Soap Making

The Ancient Secrets to Creating Natural Soaps! I have to admit that in the many years that I have been into soap making, I was...

Natural Dyes You Could Use to Produce Soaps with Exciting Colors

If you make your own soap and select the dyes that you want, then it would be fun and specifically suited to your choice of color and scent.

Soap Making – How To Make Soap Crayons

The kids are home and they are bored. They don't want to play indoor games or make cookies. However, all kids love to play...

How to Make Antibacterial Hand Soap

Liquid hand soap has inevitably found its way into the homes of almost everyone. Be it about their easy usage, less wastage or the...

Homemade Soap Additives Ideas

Homemade soap is more skin-friendly than commercial soaps. The advantage of making soaps at home is that one can customize the soaps as per...
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