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A Day in The Life of a 1940’s Farm Wife

What is a typical day for a farmer's wife? Farming seems so easy! Could you walk a day in a farm wife's shoes?

Food and Water Preps: Burdock

How to use burdock as a wild food source.

The Top 5 Simple Things You Can Do to Be Ready for Anything

The purpose of this guide is to give you some ideas on how to fit in a few critical tasks that will give you piece of mind now and in rough times.

Food & Water Preps: Water Supply

In emergency situations, everyone should have a reliable safe water supply for a minimum of three days.

Simple Guide for Water in Emergency Preparation

Preppers who understand the reasoning behind early preparation could have a better chance of surviving in dire circumstances. This includes the production of viable drinking water when you cannot remain in your home.

Secrets of How to Chop Wood Quickly Safely and Efficiently

Many people attempt to cut up timber for their log-burning stoves but how many really know the time-honoured secrets practiced by the real experts?

Top Five: Survival Food

In case of emergencies and disasters whether urban or natural, it is advisable that people should have food supply for each person, good for at least three days. This is in case you don't get rescued or can't get out from where you are temporarily staying to search for food and water. It is also recommended that all foods stored are non-perishable.

Emergency Food and Water

Emergency food and water are the basic supplies needed to survive any emergency and as a general rule most preparedness experts recommend a 3 days supply of emergency food and water.

How to Make a Root Cellar from an Old Freezer

How to make a free root cellar for organic fruit and vegetables in any home. No electricity or cellar is needed. A discarded freezer becomes an asset in the sustainable low maintenance organic garden.

Proper Grain Storage Techniques

We've had many people ask us what they need in order to store wheat for long periods of time. There are so many options when it comes to the long term storage of wheat - how can you know what you really need and what is a waste of money? The good news is that wheat itself is built to keep for a very long time!

Common Questions About Geothermal Systems

When designing your heating and cooling system, geothermal systems can be a wonderful choice.

No Electricity for Weeks – What Would You Do?

What would your life be like if you were to be without power at your home for a week, two weeks, a month, 6 months? Join us as we discuss why this might happen, and how to go about starting down the road of getting prepared.
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