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Why a Green Roof?

Green roofs are a great way to do something for the environment and something for your energy costs. They also look great.

What is The Best Survival Food to Store and Depend on During Emergencies?

During a disaster or emergency the normal food supplies can be cut off. Be sure to prepare these quality survival foods beforehand so that you have something to depend on.

How to have Fuel and Heat in a Power Outage

How to survive power outages using a copper reflux still.

Survival Skill: How to Find Potable Water

When the weather is nice, a day hike can turn into hours of meandering along trails. It's easy to run out of water. I've even forgotten to repack my water bottle after taking a break. Streams and ponds may be everywhere, but don't be tempted. You have no idea if that water is safe to drink. Potable water is available if you know what to look for.

Making Natural Wood Charcoal

Natural wood charcoal has many uses. We use charcoal on our homestead on a weekly basis. You can use it for grilling, a heat source, gardening, water filtration, making pine glue, and more. Natural wood charcoal is also very expensive, but easy to make.

Get Free Energy by Going Off The Grid for an Alternative Power Source

Some people have chosen to get off the grid. Generally, there are three basic ways to create your own power - solar power, wind power and hydro power.

Ten Ways to Become More Self Sufficient

There are many ways to become more self sufficient. Here are 10 ways that you can start your road towards independence.

Is it Safe to Drink Water from Rain Barrels?

Use the rain barrels for the purpose its intended and that is to collect rain water and water plants and grass.

How to Avoid Common Problems with Well Water

Many homes have turned to well water to make sure that they always have a source of fresh water on hand. As an added bonus, most people with wells say they prefer the taste of the water to that of city water. However, wells require added work to maintain, and you have to constantly be vigilant that the water source isn't contaminated. If your well is pumped electrically, you'll also need hand well pumps to be able to access your water during a power outage.

How to Build a Solar Oven

Are you a layman who intends to be a self-sufficient learner? Here is one such thing that you can learn to build. The ‘solar oven' is a laughably simple design that can be built in about ten minutes.

Making Your Own Coffee Tin Survival Kit

This article will outline how to make your own survival kit that fits into those 1lb coffee tins. These kits are great for storing in the trunk of your car.

Making Money from Your Backyard

Today, let's look at how you can use your backyard, whether big or small, and a little elbow grease to work your way into extra cash.
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