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Health Talk: Brown Egg Nutrition

Q:  Are brown eggs more nutritious than regular white eggs?  

How Many Vegetables Should I Be Eating? What About My Kids?

Q: I keep seeing recommendations about cups of vegetables, but I’m confused about how many I should be eating. What about my kids?

Do Eggs Increase Ovarian Cancer Risk?

Do eggs increase ovarian cancer risk?

Health Talk: Weight Loss and Exercise

Q: I have been sticking with my exercise program for three months and haven’t lost a pound of my excess weight. What am I doing wrong?

Will Smoothies Help with Weight Loss

Q:  Are smoothies a good choice to help me lose weight?

Do Vegetarian Meals Need to Include Foods with Complementary Protein

When eating vegetarian meals, is it important to choose food combinations that provide complementary protein?

Do Coffee Preparation Methods Affect Cancer Risk?

Is it true that coffee lowers cancer risk? If so, does the type of coffee roast or the way it’s prepared make a difference?

Comparing Plant-Based Milks to Cow’s Milk

Q: How does almond milk compare nutritionally to soymilk and cow’s milk?

Can Weight Loss Help Urinary Incontinence?

Q: Is it true that weight loss can improve problems with urinary incontinence?

Health Talk: How Can I Get More Active While Taking Care of My Children?

Q: I need to get more active, but how can I when I don’t have anyone to watch my young children while I work out, and I don’t get much exercise when I try to do it with them?

Getting Physical Activity When You’re Tired

Q: The biggest barrier keeping me from being as active as I know I should be is that I’m just too tired. How can I get the energy to be active?

Eating Small Snacks or One Breakfast for Weight Loss

Is it true that eating several small amounts of food throughout the morning could rev up my metabolism and help me lose weight better than eating one breakfast?
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